Italian is a major language and its culture had and continues to have a central place in the shaping of Europe. Italian is also the language of a vibrant and creative EU country that has made extraordinary contributions to all forms of culture down through the centuries.
We offer a welcoming and engaging learning environment, and we are proud not only of the high standard of our courses but also of the pastoral care we provide to students, and the many ancillary events we co-organise together with the Italian Society and the newly formed Association Italiani di Galway. The language courses and cultural courses on offer range from the medieval to contemporary literature, as well as linguistics, media/film and cultural studies, which help develop students' understanding of Italy. Please note that the vast majority of our degree students enter Italian Studies with no previous knowledge of Italian. If you have any questions about our undergraduate courses please see the information provided in these webpages.
We have a broad range of student exchanges for third year students under the Erasmus Programme with universities in Italy such as Bologna, Milan, Turin, Urbino, Udine and Verona amongst others

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