Recent Submissions

  • A phonetic comparison of two Irish English varieties 

    Nicora, Francesca; Cenceschi, Sonia; Meluzzi, Chiara (International Society of Experimental Linguistics, 2020-10-12)
    This research offers a preliminary survey on vowels and diphthong variation between two Irish English varieties: Galway (GW) and Letterkenny (LK). The results showed only a smaller difference between GW and LK with respect ...
  • Impact of prosodic training on Italian as L2 by Hiberno-English speakers: the case of polar questions 

    Nicora, Francesca; McLoughlin, Laura; Gili Fivela, Barbara (International Speech Communication Association, 2018-06-13)
    This paper aims at investigating the efficacy of a perceptionproduction training on the production of Italian-L2 yes/no questions by Hiberno-English learners. Our hypotheses are that an intensive prosodic training improves ...