Welcome Message from the Dean of Arts

The College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies welcomes students whose academic interests include such fields of human activity as languages, literatures, philosophy, historical, legal, social, behavioural and mathematical sciences. Teaching and learning in the College are designed to develop in students strong capacities for critical analysis, an ability to assess evidence and probabilities, and confidence in the solving of problems. At the same time students of the College are encouraged to develop important communicative skills, such as the command of foreign languages and of information technology, and a greater proficiency in writing and speaking.

The College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies is the largest in the University, with over 6400 students engaged in learning and in research. These include a growing number of overseas students, mainly from North America and Europe. The College also welcomes a significant proportion of mature students and provides many avenues of full-time and part-time study to lifelong learners. There is no simple rule to determine whether a person should enrol as a student in Arts.

Potential students should consider their interest in and also their aptitude for one or more of the disciplines offered by the College. It is important to have a good command of Irish or English, both written and spoken, and to have acquired the habit of reading.

Arts students must be prepared to explore a topic, to consider the informed views of others who have written on it, and finally to form and to communicate their own opinions and judgement.

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