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    • Accessing the cohomology of discrete groups above their virtual cohomological dimension 

      Rahm, Alexander D. (2014)
      We introduce a method to explicitly determine the Farrell-Tate cohomology of discrete groups. We apply this method to the Coxeter triangle and tetrahedral groups as well as to the Bianchi groups, i.e. PSL_2 over the ring ...
    • Acoustic waves at the interface of a pre-stressed incompressible elastic solid and a viscous fluid 

      Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2006-11-10)
      We analyse the influence of pre-stress on the propagation of interfacial waves along the boundary of an incompressible hyperelastic half-space that is in contact with a viscous fluid extending to infinity in the adjoining ...
    • Actively controllable topological phase transition in phononic beam systems 

      Zhou, Weijian; Chen, Weiqiu; Destrade, Michel; Lim, C.W. (Elsevier, 2020-05-01)
      Topological insulators, which allow edge or interface waves but forbid bulk waves, have revolutionized our scientific cognition of acoustic/elastic systems. Due to their nontrivial topological characteristics, edge (interface) ...
    • An algorithm for the unit group of the Burnside ring of a finite group 

      Boltje, Robert; Pfeiffer, Götz (Cambridge University Press, 2007-01)
      In this note we present an algorithm for the construction of the unit group of the Burnside ring Ω(G) of a finite group G from a list of representatives of the conjugacy classes of subgroups of G.
    • Analogues of Goldschmidt's thesis for fusion systems 

      Park, Sejong (Elsevier, 2010-12-15)
      We extend the results of David Goldschmidt's thesis concerning fusion in finite groups to saturated fusion systems and to all primes.
    • The annual GiG: Groups in Galway 

      Hurley, Ted (NUI Galway, 2015)
      The GiG (Groups in Galway) conference, and related activity, has been running annually since 1978 and is the longest running annual international mathematical conference on a special topic. It has its origin from the ...
    • Asymptotic results for bifurcations in pure bending of rubber blocks 

      Destrade, Michel (Oxford Journals, 2008-03)
      The bifurcation of an incompressible neo-Hookean thick block with a ratio of thickness to length n, subject to pure bending, is considered. The two incremental equilibrium equations corresponding to a nonlinear pre-buckling ...
    • At least three invariants are necessary to model the mechanical response of incompressible, transversely isotropic materials 

      Destrade, Michel; Mac Donald, B.; Murphy, J.G.; Saccomandi, Giuseppe (Springer, 2013-04-18)
      The modelling of off-axis simple tension experiments on transversely isotropic nonlinearly elastic materials is considered. A testing protocol is proposed where normal force is applied to one edge of a rectangular specimen ...
    • Automated estimation of collagen fibre dispersion in the dermis and its contribution to the anisotropic behaviour of skin 

      Ní Annaidh, Aisling; Destrade, Michel; Gilchrist, Michael D. (Springer, 2012-08)
      Collagen fibres play an important role in the mechanical behaviour of many soft tissues. Modelling of such tissues now often incorporates a collagen fibre distribution. However, the availability of accurate structural data ...
    • Bending instabilities of soft biological tissues 

      Destrade, Michel; Ní Annaidh, Aisling (Elsevier, 2009-12-15)
      Rubber components and soft biological tissues are often subjected to large bending deformations while 'in service'. The circumferential line elements on the inner face of a bent block can contract up to a certain critical ...
    • Bimodular rubber buckles early in bending 

      Destrade, Michel; Gilchrist, Michael D.; Motherway, Julie A. (Elsevier, 2009-12-03)
      A block of rubber eventually buckles under severe flexure, and several axial wrinkles appear on the inner curved face of the bent block. Experimental measurements reveal that the buckling occurs earlier - at lower compressive ...
    • Bleustein-Gulyaev waves in some functionally graded materials 

      Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2006-02-28)
      Functionally Graded Materials are inhomogeneous elastic bodies whose properties vary continuously with space. Hence consider a half-space (x2>0) occupied by a special Functionally Graded Material made of an hexagonal (6 ...
    • The BMR freeness conjecture for the 2-reflection groups 

      Marin, Ivan; Pfeiffer, Götz (American Mathematical Society, 2016-10-12)
      We prove the freeness conjecture of Broue, Malle and Rouquier for the Hecke algebras associated to the primitive complex 2-reflection groups with a single conjugacy class of reflections.
    • Catastrophic thinning of dielectric elastomers 

      Zurlo, G.; Destrade, Michel; DeTommasi, M.; Puglisi, G. (American Physical Society, 2017-02-15)
      We provide an energetic insight into the catastrophic nature of thinning instability in soft electroactive elastomers. This phenomenon is a major obstacle to the development of giant actuators, yet it is neither completely ...
    • A census of human soluble protein complexes 

      Yang, Haixuan (Elsevier, 2012-08-11)
      Cellular processes often depend on stable physical associations between proteins. Despite recent progress, knowledge of the composition of human protein complexes remains limited. To close this gap, we applied an integrative ...
    • Characterising the anisotropic mechanical properties of excised human skin 

      Ní Annaidh, Aisling; Destrade, Michel; Gilchrist, Michael D. (2012)
      The mechanical properties of skin are important for a number of applications including surgery, dermatology, impact biomechanics and forensic science. In this study, we have investigated the influence of location and ...
    • Circularly-polarized plane waves in a deformed Hadamard material 

      Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2001-10-31)
      Small-amplitude inhomogeneous plane waves propagating in any direction in a homogeneously deformed Hadamard material are considered. Conditions for circular polarization are established. The analysis relies on the use of ...
    • Cohomology of Coxeter arrangements and Solomon's descent algebra 

      Douglass, J. Matthew; Pfeiffer, Götz; Röhrle, Gerhard (American Mathematical Society, 2014-06-19)
      We refine a conjecture by Lehrer and Solomon on the structure of the Orlik-Solomon algebra of a finite Coxeter group W and relate it to the descent algebra of W. As a result, we claim that both the group algebra of W and ...
    • A combined experimental and numerical study of stab-penetration forces 

      Ní Annaidh, Aisling; Cassidy, Mary; Curtis, Michael; Destrade, Michel; Gilchrist, Michael D. (Elsevier, 2013-12)
      The magnitude of force used in a stabbing incident can be difficult to quantify, although the estimate given by forensic pathologists is often seen as 'critical' evidence in medico-legal situations. The main objective of ...
    • Compact travelling waves in viscoelastic solids 

      Destrade, Michel (IOP Science, 2009-09-02)
      We introduce a model for nonlinear viscoelastic solids, for which travelling shear waves with compact support are possible. Using analytical and numerical methods, we investigate the general case of this model, and an ...