Recent Submissions

  • Generalization of the Zabolotskaya equation to all incompressible isotropic elastic solids 

    Destrade, Michel; Pucci, Edvige; Saccomandi, Giuseppe (The Royal Society, 2019-07-03)
    We study elastic shear waves of small but finite amplitude, composed of an anti-plane shear motion and a general in-plane motion. We use a multiple scales expansion to derive an asymptotic system of coupled nonlinear ...
  • Multi-sector approximation method for arteries: the residual stresses of circumferential rings with non-trivial openings 

    Sigaeva, Taisiya; Destrade, Michel; Di Martino, Elena S. (The Royal Society, 2019-07-24)
    The opening angle method is a popular choice in biomechanics to estimate residual stresses in arteries. Experimentally, it means that an artery is cut into rings; then the rings are cut axially or radially allowing them ...
  • Poynting effect of brain matter in torsion 

    Balbi, Valentina; Trotta, Antonia; Destrade, Michel; Annaidh, Aisling Ni (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019-06-13)
    We investigate experimentally and model theoretically the mechanical behaviour of brain matter in torsion. Using a strain-controlled rheometer, we perform torsion tests on fresh porcine brain samples. We quantify the torque ...
  • Influence of initial residual stress on growth and pattern creation for a layered aorta 

    Du, Yangkun; Lü, Chaofeng; Destrade, Michel; Chen, Weiqiu (Nature Research, 2019-06-03)
    Residual stress is ubiquitous and indispensable in most biological and artificial materials, where it sustains and optimizes many biological and functional mechanisms. The theory of volume growth, starting from a stress-free ...
  • Rivlin's legacy in continuum mechanics and applied mathematics 

    Destrade, Michel; Murphy, Jeremiah; Saccomandi, Giuseppe (The Royal Society, 2019-03-18)
    Over a long and distinguished career, Ronald Rivlin (figure 1) published more than 200 scientific papers. He was a highly innovative scientist who made seminal contributions in all areas of continuum mechanics. He was one ...
  • Tuning the pull-in instability of soft dielectric elastomers through loading protocols 

    Su, Y.P.; Chen, W.Q.; Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2019-03-22)
    Pull-in (or electro-mechanical) instability occurs when a drastic decrease in the thickness of a dielectric elastomer results in electrical breakdown, which limits the applications of dielectric devices. Here we derive the ...
  • Wrinkles in soft dielectric plates 

    Su, Yipin; Conroy Broderick, Hannah; Chen, Weiqiu; Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2018-07-04)
    We show that a smooth giant voltage actuation of soft dielectric plates is not easily obtained in practice. In principle one can exploit, through pre-deformation, the snap-through behavior of their loading curve to deliver ...
  • Fine tuning the electro-mechanical response of dielectric elastomers 

    Zurlo, Giuseppe; Destrade, Michel; Lu, Tongqing (AIP Publishing, 2018-10-16)
    We propose a protocol to model accurately the electromechanical behavior of dielectric elastomer membranes using experimental data of stress-stretch and voltage-stretch tests. We show how the relationship between electric ...
  • Effects of nerve bundle geometry on neurotrauma evaluation 

    Cinelli, Ilaria; Destrade, Michel; McHugh, Peter; Duffy, Maeve (Wiley, 2018-06-16)
    ObjectiveWe confirm that alteration of a neuron structure can induce abnormalities in signal propagation for nervous systems, as observed in brain damage. Here, we investigate the effects of geometrical changes and damage ...
  • Finite bending and pattern evolution of the associated instability for a dielectric elastomer slab 

    Su, Yipin; Wu, Bin; Chen, Weiqiu; Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2018-09-21)
    We investigate the finite bending and the associated bending instability of an incompressible dielectric slab subject to a combination of applied voltage and axial compression, using nonlinear electro-elasticity theory and ...
  • Genus two partition and correlation functions for fermionic vertex operator superalgebras II 

    Tuite, Michael P.; Zuevsky, Alexander (2018-10-18)
    We define and compute the continuous orbifold partition function and a generating function for all n-point correlation functions for the rank two free fermion vertex operator superalgebra on a genus two Riemann surface ...
  • Genus two zhu theory for vertex operator algebras 

    Tuite, Michael P.; Gilroy, Thomas (2016-10-27)
    We consider correlation functions for a vertex operator algebra on a genus two Riemann surface formed by sewing two tori together. We describe a generalisation of genus one Zhu recursion where we express an arbitrary genus ...
  • N=2 and N=4 subalgebras of super vertex operator algebras 

    Tuite, Michael P.; Mason, Geoffrey; Yamskulna, Gaywalee (IOP Publishing, 2018-01-10)
    We develop criteria to decide if an N=2 or N=4 super conformal algebra is a subalgebra of a super vertex operator algebra in general, and of a super lattice theory in particular. We give some specific examples.
  • Zhu reduction for Jacobi n-point functions and applications 

    Tuite, Michael P.; Krauel, Matthew; Bringmann, Kathrin (2017-06-23)
    We establish precise Zhu reduction formulas for Jacobi n-point functions which show the absence of any possible poles arising in these formulas. We then exploit this to produce results concerning the structure of strongly ...
  • Genus two virasoro correlation functions for vertex operator algebras 

    Tuite, Michael P.; Gilroy, Thomas (2016-12-06)
    We consider all genus two correlation functions for the Virasoro vacuum descendants of a vertex operator algebra. These are described in terms of explicit generating functions that can be combinatorially expressed in terms ...
  • On exceptional vertex operator (Super) algebras 

    Tuite, Michael P.; Van, Hoang Dinh (Springer, 2014-10-01)
    We consider exceptional vertex operator algebras and vertex operator superalgebras with the property that particular Casimir vectors constructed from the primary vectors of lowest conformal weight are Virasoro descendents ...
  • Vertex algebras according to Isaac Newton 

    Tuite, Michael P. (IOP Publishing, 2017-09-08)
    We give an introduction to vertex algebras using elementary forward difference methods originally due to Isaac Newton.
  • Electro-mechanical response of a 3D nerve bundle model to mechanical loads leading to axonal injury 

    Cinelli, Ilaria; Destrade, Michel; Duffy, Maeve; McHugh, Peter (Wiley, 2017-11-21)
    Traumatic brain injuries and damage are major causes of death and disability. We propose a 3D fully coupled electro-mechanical model of a nerve bundle to investigate the electrophysiological impairments due to trauma at ...
  • Modified multiplicative decomposition model for tissue growth: Beyond the initial stress-free state 

    Du, Yangkun; Lü, Chaofeng; Chen, Weiqiu; Destrade, Michel (Elsevier, 2018-05-19)
    The multiplicative decomposition model is widely employed for predicting residual stresses and morphologies of biological tissues due to growth. However, it relies on the assumption that the tissue is initially in a ...
  • On the table of marks of a direct product of finite groups 

    Masterson, Brendan; Pfeiffer, Götz (Elsevier, 2017-12-28)
    We present a method for computing the table of marks of a direct product of finite groups. In contrast to the character table of a direct product of two finite groups, its table of marks is not simply the Kronecker product ...

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