Recent Submissions

  • On exceptional vertex operator (Super) algebras 

    Tuite, Michael P.; Van, Hoang Dinh (Springer, 2014-10-01)
    We consider exceptional vertex operator algebras and vertex operator superalgebras with the property that particular Casimir vectors constructed from the primary vectors of lowest conformal weight are Virasoro descendents ...
  • Incremental equations for soft fibrous materials 

    Destrade, Michel (Springer, 2015)
    The general theory of nonlinear anisotropic elasticity is extended to describe small-amplitude motions and static deformations that can be superimposed on large pre-strains of fibre-reinforced solids. The linearised ...
  • Interface waves in pre-stressed incompressible solids 

    Destrade, Michel (Springer, 2007)
    We study incremental wave propagation for what is seemingly the simplest boundary value problem, namely that constitued by the plane interface of a semi-infinite solid. With a view to model loaded elastomers and soft ...