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    • Prolegomena to the study of code-switching in the Old Irish Glosses 

      Bisagni, Jacopo (Brepols, 2014)
      This article investigates the frequent alternation of Latin and Old Irish in several collections of Early Medieval Irish glosses (especially focussing on the glosses to the Epistles of St Paul in Würzburg, Universitätsbibliothek, ...
    • She’s can be “heroes”: Female status and the Daunian stelae 

      Herring, Edward (Accordia Research Institute, University of London, 2019)
      In Accordia Research Papers 11, Guilia Saltini Semerari published a thought-provoking article on ‘high status’ female burials in 6th century BC Basilicata. In this paper, she contended that ‘wealthy’ female burials should ...
    • Tarbflaith: une influence classique dans Audacht Morainn? 

      Bisagni, Jacopo (CNRS Éditions, 2015-09-29)
      Audacht Morainn (AM) – ou « Testament de Morann » – est, sans aucun doute, l’un des textes les plus célèbres de toute la production littéraire en vieil-irlandais. Cette situation est due à plusieurs facteurs : en particulier, ...