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    • Some Irrational Generalised Moonshine from Orbifolds 

      Ivanov, Rossen I.; Tuite, Michael P. (2002)
      We verify the Generalised Moonshine conjectures for some irrational modular functions for the Monster centralisers related to the Harada-Norton, Held, $M_{12}$ and $L_3(3)$ simple groups based on certain orbifolding ...
    • The Szegö Kernel on a Sewn Riemann Surface 

      Tuite, Michael P.; Zuevsky, Alexander (2010)
      We describe the Szegö kernel on a higher genus Riemann surface in terms of Szegö kernel data coming from lower genus surfaces via two explicit sewing procedures where either two Riemann surfaces are sewn together or a ...
    • Torus Chiral n-Point Functions for Free Boson and Lattice Vertex Operator Algebras 

      Mason, Geoffrey; Tuite, Michael P. (2002)
      We obtain explicit expressions for all genus one chiral n-point functions for free bosonic and lattice vertex operator algebras. We also consider the elliptic properties of these functions.
    • Torus n-Point Functions for $\mathbb{R}$-graded Vertex Operator Superalgebras and Continuous Fermion Orbifolds 

      Mason, Geoffrey; Tuite, Michael P.; Zuevsky, Alexander (2007)
      We consider genus one n-point functions for a vertex operator superalgebra with a real grading. We compute all n-point functions for rank one and rank two fermion vertex operator superalgebras. In the rank two fermion case, ...
    • Vertex algebras according to Isaac Newton 

      Tuite, Michael P. (IOP Publishing, 2017-09-08)
      We give an introduction to vertex algebras using elementary forward difference methods originally due to Isaac Newton.
    • Vertex Operators and Modular Forms 

      Mason, Geoffrey; Tuite, Michael P. (2009)
      The leitmotif of these Notes is the idea of a vertex operator algebra (VOA) and the relationship between VOAs and elliptic functions and modular forms. This is to some extent analogous to the relationship between a finite ...
    • The Virasoro Algebra and Some Exceptional Lie and Finite Groups 

      Tuite, Michael P. (2006)
      We describe a number of relationships between properties of the vacuum Verma module of a Virasoro algebra and the automorphism group of certain vertex operator algebras. These groups include the Deligne exceptional series ...
    • Virasoro Correlation Functions for Vertex Operator Algebras 

      Hurley, Donny; Tuite, Michael P. (2011)
      We consider all genus zero and genus one correlation functions for the Virasoro vacuum descendants of a vertex operator algebra. These are described in terms of explicit generating functions that can be combinatorially ...
    • Zhu reduction for Jacobi n-point functions and applications 

      Tuite, Michael P.; Krauel, Matthew; Bringmann, Kathrin (2017-06-23)
      We establish precise Zhu reduction formulas for Jacobi n-point functions which show the absence of any possible poles arising in these formulas. We then exploit this to produce results concerning the structure of strongly ...