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    • National Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship 

      Higgins, Eoin; Golden, William; Lee, Soo Hee (2008-09-26)
      Porter (1990) argues that the future battles for competitiveness will not be fought just between organisations but also between nations. Looking at the nation as the unit of analysis, one way to become more competitive ...
    • New institutional sociology and the endogeneity of law 

      Mulligan, Emer (Routledge, 2012)
      [No abstract available]
    • Perceptions of information system success in the public sector: Webmasters at the steering wheel? 

      Scott, Murray (Emerald, 2012)
      Purpose - This study explores the relationships between constructs of Information System (IS) success in the public sector, as perceived by webmaster intermediaries, and investigates how user testing affects these ...
    • Performance measurement systems as generators of cognitive conflict in ambidextrous firms 

      Bedford, David S.; Bisbe, Josep; Sweeney, Breda (Elsevier, 2018-06-21)
      This study explores the decision-facilitating role of performance measurement systems (PMSs) in firms attempting to translate competence ambidexterity (i.e., the simultaneous pursuit of exploration and exploitation) into ...
    • Presenting the un-presentable: how to display data for decision making 

      Acton, Thomas; van der Heijden, Hans; Golden, William (2008-10-20)
      A concern with computer systems is how best to present onscreen data. This can be particularly problematic for large quantities of data and in contexts of organisational and managerial decision making. Another concern ...
    • Rethinking the Role of the IS Function 

      Finnegan, Pat; Golden, William (2008-09-26)
      This paper proposes that IS managers need to review what they regard as their core competencies if they are to be a valuable asset to organisations in the 1990s. The authors start by questioning whether the IS function ...
    • Risk mitigation and risk absorbsion in IOS: A proposed investigative study 

      Golden, William; Panteli, Niki; Powell, Philip; Hughes, Martin (2004)
      This study examines the risk consequences of participation in inter-organisational information systems (IOS). The research aims to identify the risk mitigation and risk absorption impacts of IOS participation and ...
    • The Role of Process Evolution in Achieving Citizen Centred e-Government 

      Scott, Murray; Golden, William; Hughes, Martin (2003)
      The growth and popularity of e-commerce has both challenged and enabled public sector organizations to redefine their levels of service. In the late 1990's E-government provided unparalleled opportunities for governments ...
    • Simons' levers of control framework: Commensuration within and of the framework 

      Curtis, Emer; Lillis, Anne M.; Sweeney, Breda (2017)
      Abstract Purpose Despite extensive adoption of Simons’ Levers of Control (LoC) framework, there is still considerable diversity in its operationalization which impedes the coherent development of the literature and ...
    • Tax and performance measurement: an inside story 

      Mulligan, Emer; Oates, Lynne (EmeraldInsight, 2016)
      Against the background of increasing regulation and spotlight on the tax position of MNEs, this study explores the relationship between tax and performance measurement. The paper is informed by a series of in-depth ...
    • Tax professionals at work in Silicon Valley 

      Mulligan, Emer; Oats, Lynne (Elsevier, 2015-10-21)
      This paper analyses a previously unexamined but nonetheless important facet of modern society the nature and impact of the relationship between in-house tax professionals in large multinational organizations, and the ...
    • Usability and Acceptance in Small-Screen Information Systems 

      Scott, Murray; Gudea, Sorin; Golden, William; Acton, Thomas (2004)
      The small screen sizes of mobile phones can create problems for users. There is a need for acceptable user interfaces that enable a better, more maximised use of the limited screen size while still providing high ...