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  • Disturbing effect of intra-tissue temperature sensors in pre-clinical experimental studies of radiofrequency cardiac ablation: A computer-based modeling study 

    Cuenca-Dacal, Luis; Berjano, Enrique; González-Suárez, Ana; Pérez, Juan J. (MDPI, 2023-04-11)
    Background: Preclinical studies on radiofrequency (RF) cardiac ablation (RFCA) use very small temperature sensors in specific positions in the tissue subjected to RF heating. Despite the sensors¿ small size, the proximity ...
  • How intramyocardial fat can alter the electric field distribution during Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA): Qualitative findings from computer modeling 

    Pérez, Juan J.; González-Suárez, Ana (Public Library of Science, 2023-11-02)
    Even though the preliminary experimental data suggests that cardiac Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) could be superior to radiofrequency ablation (RFA) in terms of being able to ablate the viable myocardium separated from the ...
  • Low-frequency electrical conductivity of trabecular bone: Insights from in silico modeling 

    Cervantes, María José; Basiuk, Lucas O.; González-Suárez, Ana; Carlevaro, C. Manuel; Irastorza, Ramiro M.; María José Cervantes (MDPI, 2023-09-23)
    Background: The electrical conductivity of trabecular bone at 100 kHz has recently been reported as a good predictor of bone volume fraction. However, quantifying its relationship with free water (or physiological solution) ...
  • Cardioneuroablation using epicardial pulsed field ablation for the treatment of atrial fibrillation 

    O’Brien, Barry; Reilly, John; Coffey, Ken; González-Suárez, Ana; Quinlan, Leo; van Zyl, Martin (MDPI, 2023-05-29)
    Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac arrhythmia affecting millions of people worldwide. The cardiac autonomic nervous system (ANS) is widely recognized as playing a key role in both the initiation and ...
  • How far the zone of heat-induced transient block extends beyond the lesion during RF catheter cardiac ablation 

    Pérez, Juan J.; Berjano, Enrique; González-Suárez, Ana (Taylor and Francis Group, 2023-01-02)
    Purpose While radiofrequency catheter ablation (RFCA) creates a lesion consisting of the tissue points subjected to lethal heating, the sublethal heating (SH) undergone by the surrounding tissue can cause transient ...
  • Analysis of thermal effects from pulsed field ablation 

    Mercado Montoya, Marcela; Gomez Bustamante, Tatiana; Kulstad, Erik; Mickelsen, Steven R.; González Suárez, Ana (Oxford University Press, 2023-11-09)
    Background Pulsed field ablation (PFA) has been described as non-thermal, but abundant data exist in oncology applications [1-3], and growing data are emerging in cardiology [4], highlighting that thermal effects are in ...
  • Impact of ultra-short pauses between stacked lesions with and without active esophageal cooling 

    Mercado Montoya, Marcela; Gomez Bustamante, Tatiana; Berjano, Enrique; Mickelsen, Steven R.; Hernandez Arango, Pablo; González Suárez, Ana; Schieber, Jay; Kulstad, Erik; Daniels, James D. (Oxford University Press, 2023-05-24)
    Background Placing lesions at the same point (stacking lesions) in the left atrium during radiofrequency (RF) ablation can increase the risk of collateral injury. The use of active esophageal cooling has been shown to ...
  • Epicardial pulsed field ablation of ganglionated plexi: Computational and pre-clinical evaluation of a bipolar sub-xiphoid catheter for the treatment of atrial fibrillation 

    O’Brien, Barry; Reilly, John; Coffey, Ken; González-Suárez, Ana; Buchta, Piotr; Buszman, Piotr P.; Lukasik, Karolina; Tri, Jason; van Zyl, Martin; Asirvatham, Samuel (MDPI, 2023-12-24)
    Epicardial pulsed field ablation (PFA) of ganglionated plexi (GPs) is being explored as a potential treatment for atrial fibrillation. Initial work using open-chest access with a monopolar ablation device has been completed. ...
  • The emerging spectrum of fetal acetylcholine receptor antibody-related disorders (FARAD) 

    Allen, Nicholas M.; O’Rahelly, Mark; Eymard, Bruno; Chouchane, Mondher; Hahn, Andreas; Kearns, Gerry; Kim, Dae-Seong; Byun, Shin Yun; Nguyen, Cam-Tu Emilie; Schara-Schmidt, Ulrike; Kölbel, Heike; Marina, Adela Della; Schneider-Gold, Christiane; Roefke, Kathryn; Thieme, Andrea; Van den Bergh, Peter; Avalos, Gloria; Álvarez-Velasco, Rodrigo; Natera-de Benito, Daniel; Cheng, Man Hin Mark; Chan, Wing Ki; Wan, Hoi Shan; Thomas, Mary Ann; Borch, Lauren; Lauzon, Julie; Kornblum, Cornelia; Reimann, Jens; Mueller, Andreas; Kuntzer, Thierry; Norwood, Fiona; Ramdas, Sithara; Jacobson, Leslie W.; Jie, Xiaobo; Fernandez-Garcia, Miguel A.; Wraige, Elizabeth; Lim, Ming; Lin, Jean Pierre; Claeys, Kristl G.; Aktas, Selma; Oskoui, Maryam; Hacohen, Yael; Masud, Ameneh; Leite, M Isabel; Palace, Jacqueline; De Vivo, Darryl; Vincent, Angela; Jungbluth, Heinz (Oxford University Press, 2023-05-15)
    In utero exposure to maternal antibodies targeting the fetal acetylcholine receptor isoform (fAChR) can impair fetal movement, leading to arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC). Fetal AChR antibodies have also been ...
  • Immunomodulatory function of licensed human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cell-derived apoptotic bodies 

    Wang, Jiemin; Donohoe, Ellen; Canning, Aoife; Moosavizadeh, Seyedmohammad; Buckley, Fiona; Brennan, Meadhbh Á.; Ryan, Aideen E.; Ritter, Thomas (Elsevier, 2023-10-23)
    Background Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) show great potential for immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory treatments. Clinical trials have been performed for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes, graft-versus-host disease ...
  • Artificial cornea: Past, current, and future directions 

    Holland, Gráinne; Pandit, Abhay; Sánchez-Abella, Laura; Haiek, Andrea; Loinaz, Iraida; Dupin, Damien; Gonzalez, Maria; Larra, Eva; Bidaguren, Aritz; Lagali, Neil; Moloney, Elizabeth B.; Ritter, Thomas (Frontiers Media, 2021-11-12)
    Corneal diseases are a leading cause of blindness with an estimated 10 million patients diagnosed with bilateral corneal blindness worldwide. Corneal transplantation is highly successful in low-risk patients with corneal ...
  • A longitudinal survey of antibiotic-resistant enterobacterales in the Irish environment, 2019–2020 

    Hooban, Brigid; Fitzhenry, Kelly; O'Connor, Louise; Miliotis, Georgios; Joyce, Aoife; Chueiri, Alexandra; Farrell, Maeve Louise; DeLappe, Niall; Tuohy, Alma; Cormican, Martin; Morris, Dearbháile (Elsevier, 2022-03-17)
    The natural environment represents a complex reservoir of antibiotic-resistant bacteria as a consequence of different wastewater discharges including anthropogenic and agricultural. Therefore, the aim of this study was to ...
  • Experience-based learning: how a crisis solution informed fundamental change in a clinical education curriculum 

    Costello, Maria; Cantillon, Peter; Geoghegan, Rosemary; Byrne, Dara; Lowery, Aoife; Walsh, Sinead M. (Wiley, 2021-11-28)
    Background Clinical education represents the most important formative period in undergraduate medical education. It is often criticised as haphazard and inefficient. Experience-based learning (ExBL) is a novel clinical ...
  • Subconjunctival administration of low-dose murine allogeneic mesenchymal stromal cells promotes corneal allograft survival in mice 

    Treacy, Oliver; Lynch, Kevin; Murphy, Nick; Chen, Xizhe; Donohoe, Ellen; Canning, Aoife; Lohan, Paul; Shaw, Georgina; Fahy, Gerry; Ryan, Aideen E.; Ritter, Thomas (BMC, 2021-04-06)
    Systemic administration of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) has been efficacious in many inflammatory disease settings; however, little data are available on the potential immunomodulatory effects following local MSC ...
  • How robust is the evidence for recommending very low salt intake in entire populations? 

    Mente, Andrew; O’Donnell, Martin J.; Yusuf, Salim (Elsevier, 2016-10-03)
    [No abstract available]
  • Salt and cardiovascular disease: insufficient evidence to recommend low sodium intake 

    O'Donnell, Martin; Mente, Andrew; Alderman, Michael H.; Brady, Adrian J. B.; Diaz, Rafael; Gupta, Rajeev; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Luft, Friedrich C.; Luscher, Thomas F.; Mancia, Giuseppe; Mann, Johannes F. E.; McCarron, David; McKee, Martin; Messerli, Franz H.; Moore, Lynn L.; Narula, Jagat; Oparil, Suzanne; Packer, Milton; Prabhakaran, Dorairaj; Schutte, Alta; Sliwa, Karen; Staessen, Jan A.; Yancy, Clyde; Yusuf, Salim (Oxford University Press, 2020-10-04)
    Several blood pressure guidelines recommend low sodium intake (<2.3 g/day, 100 mmol, 5.8 g/day of salt) for the entire population, on the premise that reductions in sodium intake, irrespective of the levels, will lower ...
  • Dietary sodium and cardiovascular disease risk 

    O'Donnell, Martin; Mann, Johannes F. E.; Schutte, Aletta Elisabeth; Staessen, Jan A.; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Thomas, Merlin; Mente, Andrew; Saulier, Pierre Jean; Yusuf, Salim (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2016-12-15)
    [No abstract available]
  • A point prevalence survey of antibiotic resistance in the Irish environment, 2018-2019 

    Hooban, Brigid; Fitzhenry, Kelly; Cahill, Niamh; Joyce, Aoife; O' Connor, Louise; Bray, James E.; Brisse, Sylvain; Passet, Virginie; Abbas Syed, Raza; Cormican, Martin; Morris, Dearbháile (Elsevier, 2021-03-08)
    Water bodies worldwide have proven to be vast reservoirs of clinically significant antibiotic resistant organisms. Contamination of waters by anthropogenic discharges is a significant contributor to the widespread dissemination ...
  • Associations of urinary sodium excretion with cardiovascular events in individuals with and without hypertension: a pooled analysis of data from four studies 

    Mente, Andrew; O'Donnell, Martin; Sumathy Rangarajan, Sumathy; Dagenais, Gilles; Lear, Scott; McQueen, Matthew; Diaz, Rafael; Avezum, Alvaro; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Lanas, Fernando; Li, Wei; Lu, Yin; Yi, Sun; Rensheng, Lei; Iqbal, Romaina; Mony, Prem; Yusuf, Rita; Yusoff, Khalid; Szuba, Andrzej; Oguz, Aytekin; Rosengren, Annika; Bahonar, Ahmad; Yusufali, Afzalhussein; Schutte, Aletta Elisabeth; Chifamba, Jephat; Mann, Johannes F. E.; Anand, Sonia S.; Teo, Koon; Yusuf, S. (Elsevier, 2016-05-20)
    Background Several studies reported a U-shaped association between urinary sodium excretion and cardiovascular disease events and mortality. Whether these associations vary between those individuals with and without ...
  • Urinary sodium and potassium, and risk of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke (INTERSTROKE): A case–control study 

    Judge, Conor; O'Donnell, Martin J.; Hankey, Graeme J.; Rangarajan, Sumathy; Chin, Siu Lim; Rao-Melacini, Purnima; Ferguson, John; Smyth, Andrew; Xavier, Denis; Lisheng, Liu; Zhang, Hongye; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Damasceno, Albertino; Langhorne, Peter; Rosengren, Annika; Dans, Antonio L.; Elsayed, Ahmed; Avezum, Alvaro; Mondo, Charles; Ryglewicz, Danuta; Czlonkowska, Anna; Pogosova, Nana; Weimar, Christian; Diaz, Rafael; Yusoff, Khalid; Yusufali, Afzalhussein; Oguz, Aytekin; Wang, Xingyu; Lanas, Fernando; Ogah, Okechukwu S.; Ogunniyi, Adesola; Iversen, Helle K.; Malaga, German; Rumboldt, Zvonko; Oveisgharan, Shahram; Hussain, Fawaz Al; Yusuf, Salim (Oxford University Press, 2020-11-16)
    Although low sodium intake (3·5g/day) are proposed as public health interventions to reduce stroke risk, there is uncertainty about the benefit and feasibility of this combined recommendation on prevention of stroke and ...

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