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  • Artificial cornea: Past, current, and future directions 

    Holland, Gráinne; Pandit, Abhay; Sánchez-Abella, Laura; Haiek, Andrea; Loinaz, Iraida; Dupin, Damien; Gonzalez, Maria; Larra, Eva; Bidaguren, Aritz; Lagali, Neil; Moloney, Elizabeth B.; Ritter, Thomas (Frontiers Media, 2021-11-12)
    Corneal diseases are a leading cause of blindness with an estimated 10 million patients diagnosed with bilateral corneal blindness worldwide. Corneal transplantation is highly successful in low-risk patients with corneal ...
  • A longitudinal survey of antibiotic-resistant enterobacterales in the Irish environment, 2019–2020 

    Hooban, Brigid; Fitzhenry, Kelly; O'Connor, Louise; Miliotis, Georgios; Joyce, Aoife; Chueiri, Alexandra; Farrell, Maeve Louise; DeLappe, Niall; Tuohy, Alma; Cormican, Martin; Morris, Dearbháile (Elsevier, 2022-03-17)
    The natural environment represents a complex reservoir of antibiotic-resistant bacteria as a consequence of different wastewater discharges including anthropogenic and agricultural. Therefore, the aim of this study was to ...
  • Experience-based learning: how a crisis solution informed fundamental change in a clinical education curriculum 

    Costello, Maria; Cantillon, Peter; Geoghegan, Rosemary; Byrne, Dara; Lowery, Aoife; Walsh, Sinead M. (Wiley, 2021-11-28)
    Background Clinical education represents the most important formative period in undergraduate medical education. It is often criticised as haphazard and inefficient. Experience-based learning (ExBL) is a novel clinical ...
  • Subconjunctival administration of low-dose murine allogeneic mesenchymal stromal cells promotes corneal allograft survival in mice 

    Treacy, Oliver; Lynch, Kevin; Murphy, Nick; Chen, Xizhe; Donohoe, Ellen; Canning, Aoife; Lohan, Paul; Shaw, Georgina; Fahy, Gerry; Ryan, Aideen E.; Ritter, Thomas (BMC, 2021-04-06)
    Systemic administration of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) has been efficacious in many inflammatory disease settings; however, little data are available on the potential immunomodulatory effects following local MSC ...
  • How robust is the evidence for recommending very low salt intake in entire populations? 

    Mente, Andrew; O’Donnell, Martin J.; Yusuf, Salim (Elsevier, 2016-10-03)
    [No abstract available]
  • Salt and cardiovascular disease: insufficient evidence to recommend low sodium intake 

    O'Donnell, Martin; Mente, Andrew; Alderman, Michael H.; Brady, Adrian J. B.; Diaz, Rafael; Gupta, Rajeev; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Luft, Friedrich C.; Luscher, Thomas F.; Mancia, Giuseppe; Mann, Johannes F. E.; McCarron, David; McKee, Martin; Messerli, Franz H.; Moore, Lynn L.; Narula, Jagat; Oparil, Suzanne; Packer, Milton; Prabhakaran, Dorairaj; Schutte, Alta; Sliwa, Karen; Staessen, Jan A.; Yancy, Clyde; Yusuf, Salim (Oxford University Press, 2020-10-04)
    Several blood pressure guidelines recommend low sodium intake (<2.3 g/day, 100 mmol, 5.8 g/day of salt) for the entire population, on the premise that reductions in sodium intake, irrespective of the levels, will lower ...
  • Dietary sodium and cardiovascular disease risk 

    O'Donnell, Martin; Mann, Johannes F. E.; Schutte, Aletta Elisabeth; Staessen, Jan A.; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Thomas, Merlin; Mente, Andrew; Saulier, Pierre Jean; Yusuf, Salim (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2016-12-15)
    [No abstract available]
  • A point prevalence survey of antibiotic resistance in the Irish environment, 2018-2019 

    Hooban, Brigid; Fitzhenry, Kelly; Cahill, Niamh; Joyce, Aoife; O' Connor, Louise; Bray, James E.; Brisse, Sylvain; Passet, Virginie; Abbas Syed, Raza; Cormican, Martin; Morris, Dearbháile (Elsevier, 2021-03-08)
    Water bodies worldwide have proven to be vast reservoirs of clinically significant antibiotic resistant organisms. Contamination of waters by anthropogenic discharges is a significant contributor to the widespread dissemination ...
  • Associations of urinary sodium excretion with cardiovascular events in individuals with and without hypertension: a pooled analysis of data from four studies 

    Mente, Andrew; O'Donnell, Martin; Sumathy Rangarajan, Sumathy; Dagenais, Gilles; Lear, Scott; McQueen, Matthew; Diaz, Rafael; Avezum, Alvaro; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Lanas, Fernando; Li, Wei; Lu, Yin; Yi, Sun; Rensheng, Lei; Iqbal, Romaina; Mony, Prem; Yusuf, Rita; Yusoff, Khalid; Szuba, Andrzej; Oguz, Aytekin; Rosengren, Annika; Bahonar, Ahmad; Yusufali, Afzalhussein; Schutte, Aletta Elisabeth; Chifamba, Jephat; Mann, Johannes F. E.; Anand, Sonia S.; Teo, Koon; Yusuf, S. (Elsevier, 2016-05-20)
    Background Several studies reported a U-shaped association between urinary sodium excretion and cardiovascular disease events and mortality. Whether these associations vary between those individuals with and without ...
  • Urinary sodium and potassium, and risk of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke (INTERSTROKE): A case–control study 

    Judge, Conor; O'Donnell, Martin J.; Hankey, Graeme J.; Rangarajan, Sumathy; Chin, Siu Lim; Rao-Melacini, Purnima; Ferguson, John; Smyth, Andrew; Xavier, Denis; Lisheng, Liu; Zhang, Hongye; Lopez-Jaramillo, Patricio; Damasceno, Albertino; Langhorne, Peter; Rosengren, Annika; Dans, Antonio L.; Elsayed, Ahmed; Avezum, Alvaro; Mondo, Charles; Ryglewicz, Danuta; Czlonkowska, Anna; Pogosova, Nana; Weimar, Christian; Diaz, Rafael; Yusoff, Khalid; Yusufali, Afzalhussein; Oguz, Aytekin; Wang, Xingyu; Lanas, Fernando; Ogah, Okechukwu S.; Ogunniyi, Adesola; Iversen, Helle K.; Malaga, German; Rumboldt, Zvonko; Oveisgharan, Shahram; Hussain, Fawaz Al; Yusuf, Salim (Oxford University Press, 2020-11-16)
    Although low sodium intake (3·5g/day) are proposed as public health interventions to reduce stroke risk, there is uncertainty about the benefit and feasibility of this combined recommendation on prevention of stroke and ...
  • Joint association of urinary sodium and potassium excretion with cardiovascular events and mortality: prospective cohort study 

    O’Donnell, Martin; Mente, Andrew; Rangarajan, Sumathy; McQueen, Matthew J.; O’Leary, Neil; Yin, Lu; Liu, Xiaoyun; Swaminathan, Sumathi; Khatib, Rasha; Rosengren, Annika; Ferguson, John; Smyth, Andrew; PURE Investigators (BMJ Publishing Group, 2019-03-13)
    Abstract Objective To evaluate the joint association of sodium and potassium urinary excretion (as surrogate measures of intake) with cardiovascular events and mortality, in the context of current World Health Organization ...
  • Integrated in vitro and in silico modelling delineates the molecular effects of a synbiotic regimen on colorectal cancer-derived cells 

    Greenhalgh, Kacy; Ramiro-Garcia, Javier; Heinken, Almut; Ullmann, Pit; Bintener, Tamara; Pires Pacheco, Maria; Baginska, Joanna; Shah, Pranjul; Frachet, Audrey; Halder, Rashi; Fritz, Joëlle V.; Sauter, Thomas; Thiele, Ines; Haan, Serge; Letellier, Elisabeth; Wilmes, Paul (Cell Press, 2019-04-30)
    By modulating the human gut microbiome, prebiotics and probiotics (combinations of which are called synbiotics) may be used to treat diseases such as colorectal cancer (CRC). Methodological limitations have prevented ...
  • Integrated analyses of microbiome and longitudinal metabolome data reveal microbial-host interactions on sulfur metabolism in Parkinson's disease. 

    Hertel, Johannes; Harms, Amy C.; Heinken, Almut; Baldini, Federico; Thinnes, Cyrille C; Glaab, Enrico; Vasco, Daniel A.; Pietzner, Maik; Stewart, Isobel D.; Wareham, Nicholas J.; Langenberg, Claudia; Trenkwalder, Claudia; Krüger, Rejko; Hankemeier, Thomas; Fleming, Ronan M. T.; Mollenhauer, Brit; Thiele, Ines (Elsevier, 2019-11-12)
    Parkinson's disease (PD) exhibits systemic effects on the human metabolism, with emerging roles for the gut microbiome. Here, we integrate longitudinal metabolome data from 30 drug-naive, de novo PD patients and 30 matched ...
  • Diabetes mellitus and gender have a negative impact on the outcome of hip fracture surgery – a pilot study 

    Galbraith, Adam Samuel; Sanz-Nogués, Clara; Glynn, Sharon; Coleman, Cynthia M.; Murphy, Colin (Wiley, 2019-11-07)
    Diabetes mellitus (DM) is associated with an elevated risk of post-operative complications. The impact it has on patients living with DM following hip fracture surgery (HFS) is not completely understood, and may represent ...
  • Hypoxia activates the PTHrP-MEF2C pathway to attenuate hypertrophy in mesenchymal stem cell derived cartilage 

    Browe, David C.; Coleman, Cynthia M.; Barry, Frank P.; Elliman, Stephen J. (Nature Research, 2019-09-16)
    Articular cartilage lacks an intrinsic repair capacity and due to the ability of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to differentiate into chondrocytes, MSCs have been touted as a cellular source to regenerate damaged cartilage. ...
  • Impact of diabetes mellitus on bone health 

    Murray, Cliodhna E.; Coleman, Cynthia M. (MDPI, 2019-09-30)
    Long-term exposure to a diabetic environment leads to changes in bone metabolism and impaired bone micro-architecture through a variety of mechanisms on molecular and structural levels. These changes predispose the bone ...
  • Suicidal behaviours in adjustment disorder and depressive episode 

    Casey, Patricia; Jabbar, Faraz; O'Leary, Eamonn; Doherty, Anne M. (Elsevier, 2014-12-10)
    Little is known about suicidal ideation and behaviours in adjustment disorder (AD). In this paper we sought to examine the variables independently associated with suicidal ideation and behaviour in patients diagnosed with ...
  • Communication skills of medical students during the OSCE: Gender-specific differences in a longitudinal trend study 

    Graf, Joachim; Smolka, Robert; Simoes, Elisabeth; Zipfel, Stephan; Junne, Florian; Holderried, Friederike; Wosnik, Annette; Doherty, Anne M.; Menzel, Karina; Herrmann-Werner, Anne (BMC, 2017-05-02)
    Background: Communication skills are essential in a patient-centred health service and therefore in medical teaching. Although significant differences in communication behaviour of male and female students are known, gender ...
  • The effect of antidepressant medications in the management of heart failure on outcomes: mortality, cardiovascular function and depression - a systematic review 

    Rajeswaran, Thurkka; Plymen, Carla M.; Doherty, Anne M. (Taylor & Francis, 2017-11-26)
    Depression is associated with increased morbidity, mortality and hospital readmission in patients with heart failure (HF). This systematic review aimed to compile studies examining whether the use of antidepressants could ...
  • The clinical characteristics and correlates of lithium toxicity in a tertiary referral centre 

    Ganter, Niamh M.; Tong, Kezanne; McDonald, Colm; Doherty, Anne M. (Springer Verlag, 2019-01-10)
    Introduction Lithium is a medication indicated for the treatment of bipolar disorder and treatment-resistant depression, with a narrow therapeutic index. Overdose, either acute or chronic can result in neurological symptoms, ...

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