Depositing Your PhD Thesis in ARAN

1. Discuss with your supervisor whether an embargo period to withhold access to your thesis is necessary and, if required, request this using the Library Submission form EOG051 which you you submit with your hardbound thesis.

2. Check whether you need to obtain permissions to include any third party copyrighted material such as illustrations or tables from other sources that you have reproduced. Your ethesis will be available on open access so if you do not have permission you must replace this content in the electronic version with a placeholder that states the content has been removed due to copyright restrictions. You can find further information on third party copyright here and adapt the template permission request letter

3. The electronic version of your thesis may require editing to indicate third party copyright permissions or you should replace third party material with a placeholder where copyright permission was not received before deposit. The thesis should be saved as a PDF and the recommended file naming convention is yearnamedegree.pdf (e.g. 2011smithphd.pdf).

4. When ready to upload the electronic version of the thesis, email to request a password for your ARAN account to be created. Please provide your name, school, supervisor and email address in this email.

5. On notification that an account has been created, you should log on to ARAN at using your email address.

  • Complete stub metadata: Name, Title, Year, Supervisor, etc.
  • Upload the third party copyright cleared version of your thesis as a PDF file.
  • Sign off the deposit agreement electronically, including the declaration that third party permissions have been received to complete the deposit.

6. ARAN staff will verify the metadata and will check the status of any embargo request before committing your thesis to ARAN, thus making it available via the Web. [NOTE: Where an embargo has been granted, only the descriptive information will be displayed in ARAN for the duration of the embargo period.]

7. If an embargo period was granted, ARAN staff will lift the access restriction when the embargo period expires.

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