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  • Rathcroghan: a royal site in Connacht 

    Waddell, John (Journal of Irish Archaeology, 1983)
    A short study of the archaeology and mythology of the royal site of Rathcroghan, Co. Roscommon, which formed the basis for the author's monograph (with J. Fenwick and K. Barton) Rathcroghan. Archaeological and Geophysical ...
  • School choice and school catchment: Post‐primary education in Galway city 

    Grimes, Seamus (Taylor & Francis, 1984)
    While research to date at the national level has adequately illustrated the nature and extent of class bias in Irish education, there has been little attempt to examine the spatial organisation of the system at the local ...
  • Non-agricultural employment in northwestern Ireland: a peripheral region in the 1970s 

    Grimes, Seamus (Geographical Society of Ireland, 1987)
    Considerable spatial variation characterized the pattern of return migration and subsequent house construction during the 1970s in the northwest. Ireland's poorest and most peripheral region. Underlying this pattern of ...
  • The Sydney Irish: a hidden ethnic group 

    Grimes, Seamus (Geographical Society of Ireland, 1988)
    The relative position of the Irish immigrant population in Australia has been radically transformed during the present century, from being the largest non-British ethnic group to one of the smallest immigrant minorities. ...
  • Agricultural policy and land tenure in an Irish marginal country 

    Grimes, Seamus (Geographical Society of Ireland, 1988)
    This paper has a twofold objective. Firstly, recent land policy both at EEC and Irish government levels is evaluated from the perspective of the small family farm in County Lcitrim. one of Ireland's most marginal farming ...
  • Excavation at 'Dathi's Mound', Rathcroghan, Co. Roscommon 

    Waddell, John (Journal of Irish Archaeology, 1988)
    The partial excavation of the embanked mound and standing stone known as 'Dathi's Mound' at the royal site of Rathcroghan, Co. Roscommon, confirmed that the mound had been cut from a natural gravel ridge. It also revealed ...
  • The distribution of economic well-being within the Northwest region 

    Grimes, Seamus (De Gruyter Open, 1989)
    For many years, geographers have concerned themselves with the spatial dimension of economic development and with the fact that the pattern of development, whether it occurs under capitalist or socialist regimes, tends ...
  • The migration link between Cois Fharraige and Portland, Maine, 1880s to 1920s 

    Grimes, Seamus; Connolly, Michael (Geographical Society of Ireland, 1989)
    From the 1880s onwards, the west coast of Ireland — particularly the Congested Districts — formed a major source area of emigration to North America. This paper focuses on part of that outflow from Cois Fharraige. west of ...
  • Notes on some Irish hanging bowl escutcheons 

    Newman, Conor (Journal of Irish Archaeology, 1990)
    A study of hanging bowl escutcheons from the River Kennet, Wiltshire, Ballinderry and Clonmacnoise, Co. Offaly, published in the Journal of Irish Archaeology 5 (1989-90), 45-48.
  • The Bronze Age Burials of Ireland 

    Waddell, John (Galway University Press, 1990)
    A county-by-county survey of Irish Bronze Age burials recorded up to the mid 1980s
  • Impact of crime on the rural elderly 

    Breen, E.; Fogarty, G; Burke, G.; Grimes, Seamus (Irish Medical Organisation, 1990-03)
    Two hundred and seven persons over 65 years of age were interviewed to determine the impact of crime on their lives. The setting was during a much publicised series of assaults on the rural elderly in their homes. Seventy ...
  • The Celticization of the West: an Irish perspective 

    Waddell, John (1991)
    It is argued that the emergence of a Celtic language in Ireland was the culmination of a long process of social and economic interaction at an elite level between Ireland and Britain, and between these islands and adjacent ...
  • Beyond economics: redefining development 

    Grimes, Seamus (De Gruyter Open, 1992)
    Since the short-lived interlude of impressive growth and prosperity in the 1970s, the dual scourges of involuntary emigration and high unemployment have returned to plague Irish society. Having increasingly become part ...
  • The Irish Sea in Prehistory 

    Waddell, John (Journal of Irish Archaeology, 1992)
    The role of the Irish Sea in the study of past contacts between Ireland and Britain is reviewed. Analysis of a selection of distribution maps relating to the period c. 4000 B.C. to c. 500 B.C. suggests the possibility of ...
  • Exploiting information and communication technologies for rural development 

    Grimes, Seamus (Elsevier, 1992-07)
    This paper examines how information technology (IT) might be exploited to promote rural development; it also considers how IT impacts on the rural periphery. The appropriate adaptation of this technology for indigenous ...
  • Causes and consequences of fertility decline 

    Grimes, Seamus (De Gruyter Open, 1993)
    While there is widespread concern throughout Europe during the current period of economic recession with high levels of unemployment and the recent upsurge in refugee movements associated with the serious ethnic conflict ...
  • The Funerary Bowls and Vases of the Irish Bronze Age 

    Ó Ríordáin, Breandán; Waddell, John (Galway University Press, 1993)
    This illustrated corpus of pottery from burial contexts in Bronze Age Ireland c. 2500-1500 BC was prepared by John Waddell with the assistance of Breandán Ó Ríordáin and the National Museum of Ireland. It includes a study ...
  • Low growth, falling competitiveness and high unemployment as Europe approaches the 21st century 

    Grimes, Seamus (De Gruyter Open, 1994)
    The European Council, at its meeting in Copenhagen in June 1993, reaffirmed the growth initiatives endorsed in Edinburgh the previous December and at the ECOFIN meeting in April 1993. The conclusions of the European Council ...
  • The Archaeology of Aran 

    Waddell, John (Tír Eolas, Kinvara, 1994)
    The Book of Aran contains chapters on the geology, flora and fauna, archaeology, history and culture of the three Aran Islands, Inis Mór, Inis Meáin and Inis Oírr. Chapter 5 is a detailed account of the islands' archaeology ...
  • The ideology of population control in the UN draft plan for Cairo 

    Grimes, Seamus (Springer, 1994-09)
    This paper examines the influence of population control ideology on the draft plan for the UN Cairo Conference on Population and Development. It is argued that this draft plan can only be fully understood in the context ...