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    • Expanding wordnets to new languages with multilingual sense disambiguation 

      Arcan, Mihael; McCrae, John P.; Buitelaar, Paul (The COLING 2016 Organizing Committee, 2016-12-11)
      Princeton WordNet is one of the most important resources for natural language processing, but is only available for English. While it has been translated using the expand approach to many other languages, this is an ...
    • Improving wordnets for under-resourced languages using machine translation 

      Chakravarthi, Bharathi Raja; Arcan, Mihael; McCrae, John P. (Global Wordnet Association, 2018-01-08)
      Wordnets are extensively used in natural language processing, but the current approaches for manually building a wordnet from scratch involves large research groups for a long period of time, which are typically not ...