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    • A Logic Programming approach for Access Control over RDF 

      Lopes, Nuno; Kirrane, Sabrina; Mileo, Alessandra; Zimmermann, Antoine; Polleres, Axel (International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP), 2012)
      The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is an interoperable data representation format suitable for interchange and integration of data, especially in Open Data contexts. However, RDF is also becoming increasingly attractive ...
    • Protect Your RDF Data! 

      Kirrane, Sabrina; Lopes, Nuno; Mileo, Alessandra; Decker, Stefan (2012)
      The explosion of digital content and the heterogeneity of enterprise content sources have pushed existing data integration solutions to their boundaries. Although RDF can be used as a representation format for integrated data, ...
    • Update Semantics for Interoperability among XML, RDF and RDB - A Case Study of Semantic Presence in CISCO's Unified Presence Systems 

      Ali, Muhammad Intizar; Lopes, Nuno; Mileo, Alessandra (Springer, 2013)
      XSPARQL is a transformation and querying language that provides an integrated access over heterogeneous data sources on the fly. It is an extension of XQuery which supports a subset of SPARQL and SQL to provide unified ...