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    • Challenging practices: experiences from community and individual living lab approaches 

      Matschoss, Kaisa; Fahy, Frances; Rau, Henrike; Backhaus, Julia; Goggins, Gary; Grealis, Eoin; Heiskanen, Eva; Kajoskoskia, Tuija; Laakso, Senja; Apajalahti, Eeva-Lotta; Genus, Audley; Godin, Laurence; Iskandarova, Marfuga; Musch, Annika-Kathrin; Sahakian, Marlyne; Scholl, Christian; Vadovics, Edina; Vasseur, Veronique (Taylor & Francis, 2021-05-20)
      In this article, we examine a change initiative designed to involve households in testing ways to transform two everyday practices heating and doing laundry. The research design included an examination of the challenges ...