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    • On anisotropic elasticity and questions concerning its Finite Element implementation 

      Vergori, Luigi; Destrade, Michel; McGarry, Patrick; Ogden, Ray W. (Springer, 2013-05-21)
      We give conditions on the strain-energy function of nonlinear anisotropic hyperelastic materials that ensure compatibility with the classical linear theories of anisotropic elasticity. We uncover the limitations associated ...
    • Wrinkles and creases in the bending, unbending and eversion of soft sectors 

      Sigaeva, Taisiya; Mangan, Robert; Vergori, Luigi; Destrade, Michel; Sudak, Les (The Royal Society, 2018-03-23)
      We study what is clearly one of the most common modes of deformation found in nature, science and engineering, namely the large elastic bending of curved structures, as well as its inverse, unbending, which can be brought ...