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    • The Regulation of Stem Cell Research in Ireland 

      Staunton, Ciara (2013-03-19)
      This thesis explores the regulation of stem cell research internationally with a view to providing a suitable regulatory framework for Ireland. It examines the ethical, legal and economic issues which can is raised by stem ...
    • The Regulation of the Legal Profession in Ireland 

      Hosier, Maeve (2013-09-30)
      This thesis seeks to explore the regulation of the legal profession in Ireland and to identify whether changes ought to be made to the present regulatory regime. Against a background of economic collapse and Troika bailout, ...
    • Social Welfare Rights of EU Citizens in Ireland - Ireland's non-compliance with EU law 

      Shortall, Derek (2013-10-31)
      Clarification of the social welfare rights of EU Citizens in Ireland, the complex interaction between European Union and national law and Ireland's non-compliance with EU law.