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  • Developing a Continuous Space Representation of a Simulated Population 

    Cullinan, John (Taylor & Francis, 2010-09-03)
    Spatial microsimulation models typically match census of population data with survey data in order to simulate synthetic populations of individuals and households within small-scale geographic areas. For most spatial ...
  • Estimating Catchment Area Population Indicators Using Network Analysis 

    Cullinan, John; Hynes, Stephen; O'Donoghue, Cathal (Taylor & Francis, 2008-11)
    This paper proposes an approach to estimating catchment area population indicators (CAPIs) using geographic information system (GIS)-based network analysis. Specifically, it considers how 'GeoDirectory', a geodatabase ...
  • Estimating the extra cost of living for people with disabilities 

    Cullinan, John; Gannon, Brenda (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2010-06-09)
    Addressing the extra economic costs of disability is a logical step towards alleviating elements of social exclusion for people with disabilities. This study estimates the long-run economic cost of disability in Ireland ...