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    • Comment on ‘Was Scotland deglaciated during the Younger Dryas?’ by Small and Fabel (2016) 

      Bromley, Gordon R.M.; Putnam, Aaron E.; Lowell, Thomas V.; Hall, Brenda L.; Schaefer, Joerg M. (Elsevier, 2016-10-04)
      The course of climatic events in Scotland and the broader North Atlantic region during the glacial termination has important implications for our understanding of the causes and mechanisms of abrupt climate change but ...
    • Younger Dryas deglaciation of Scotland driven by warming summers 

      Bromley, Gordon R. M.; Putnam, Aaron E.; Rademaker, Kurt M.; Lowell, Thomas V.; Schaefer, Joerg M.; Hall, Brenda; Winckler, Gisela; Birkel, Sean D.; Borns, Harold W. (National Academy of Sciences, 2014-04-14)
      The Younger Dryas Stadial (YDS; similar to 12,900-11,600 y ago) in the Northern Hemisphere is classically defined by abrupt cooling and renewed glaciation during the last glacial- interglacial transition. Although this ...