Recent Submissions

  • Research 339: High-resolution climate projections for Ireland – A multi-model ensemble approach 

    Nolan, Paul; Flanagan, Jason (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2020)
    The method of regional climate modelling was employed to assess the impacts of a warming climate on the 21st-century climate of Ireland. The regional climate model (RCM) simulations were run at high spatial resolution (3.8 ...
  • EC-Earth global climate simulations: Ireland’s contributions to CMIP6 

    Nolan, Paul; McKinstry, Alastair (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2020)
    The global climate simulations described in this report constitute Ireland s contribution to the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) (phase 6) (CMIP6) and will be included for assessment in the United Nations ...
  • Ensemble of regional climate model projections for Ireland 

    Nolan, Paul (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2015)
    This report provides an analysis of the impacts of global climate change on the mid-21st-century climate of Ireland. The projections are based on the output of an ensemble of high-resolution regional climate models (RCMs).
  • High-resolution gridded datasets of hydro-climate indices for Ireland 

    Werner, Christopher; Nolan, Paul; Naughton, Owen (Environmental Protection Agency, 2019-01)
    This report describes the application of numerical weather prediction (NWP) simulations to develop high-quality, long-term, gridded climate datasets of hydro-climate variables for Ireland, covering the period 1981 2016. ...