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    • Consciousness of brain 

      Hogan, Michael J. (Psychological Society of Ireland, 2006)
      Evolved consciousness makes possible a rich variety of experience, transmissible from mind to mind via poetical and logical symbolism. Scientific experience involves mapping the energy of the system onto a correspondent ...
    • Enlightened happiness and pragmatic systems science & positive psychology meets Colin Feltham's anthropathology thesis 

      Hogan, Michael. J. (The Irish Psychologist, 2009)
      Consider two books: Sonja Lyubomirsky positive psychology book, The How of Happiness [1], and Colin Feltham's negative psychology book, What's Wrong with Us?: The Anthropathology Thesis [2]. Sonja Lyubomirsky and Colin ...
    • Grappling with gene-culture co-evolution 

      Hogan, Michael J. (The Irish Psychologist, 2006-06)
      Human beings strive to understand. Understanding helps us to survive, adapt, and flourish. A central theme in the history of philosophical and religious thought has been the call to "know thyself" and to "understand thy ...
    • Overcoming barriers to well-being in Ireland. 

      Hogan, Michael. J. (The Irish Psychologist, 2012)
    • Work-life integration 

      Hogan, Michael J.; Hogan, Victoria (The Irish Psychologist, 2007-05)
      Work is an integral part of life. Human adaptation implies acquisition of the means to sustain life. But there is more to life than work: there is personal life, family life, and life within one's social network and culture ...