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    • Optimism and recovery after acute coronary syndrome 

      Ronaldson, Amy; Molloy, Gerard J.; Wikman, Anna; Poole, Lydia; Kaski, Juan-Carlos; Steptoe, Andrew (Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health), 2015-04-01)
      Objective Optimism is associated with reduced cardiovascular mortality, but its impact on recovery after acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is poorly understood. We hypothesized that greater optimism would lead to more effective ...
    • Preconditioning shields against vascular events in surgery (saves), a multicentre feasibility trial of preconditioning against adverse events in major vascular surgery: study protocol for a randomised control trial 

      Healy, Donagh; Clarke-Moloney, Mary; Gaughan, Brendan; O’Daly, Siobhan; Hausenloy, Derek; Sharif, Faisal; Newell, John; O’Donnell, Martin; Grace, Pierce; Forbes, John F; Cullen, Walter; Kavanagh, Eamon; Burke, Paul; Cross, Simon; Dowdall, Joseph; McMonagle, Morgan; Fulton, Greg; Manning, Brian J; Kheirelseid, Elrasheid AH; Leahy, Austin; Moneley, Daragh; Naughton, Peter; Boyle, Emily; McHugh, Seamus; Madhaven, Prakash; O’Neill, Sean; Martin, Zenia; Courtney, Donal; Tubassam, Muhammed; Sultan, Sherif; McCartan, Damian; Medani, Mekki; Walsh, Stewart (Springer Nature, 2015-04-23)
      Background: Patients undergoing vascular surgery procedures constitute a 'high-risk' group. Fatal and disabling perioperative complications are common. Complications arise via multiple aetiological pathways. This mechanistic ...
    • Remote ischemic conditioning: from experimental observation to clinical application: report from the 8th biennial hatter cardiovascular institute workshop 

      Pickard, Jack M. J.; Bøtker, Hans Erik; Crimi, Gabriele; Davidson, Brian; Davidson, Sean M.; Dutka, David; Ferdinandy, Peter; Ganske, Rocky; Garcia-Dorado, David; Giricz, Zoltan; Gourine, Alexander V.; Heusch, Gerd; Kharbanda, Rajesh; Kleinbongard, Petra; MacAllister, Raymond; McIntyre, Christopher; Meybohm, Patrick; Prunier, Fabrice; Redington, Andrew; Robertson, Nicola J.; Suleiman, M. Saadeh; Vanezis, Andrew; Walsh, Stewart; Yellon, Derek M.; Hausenloy, Derek J. (Springer Nature, 2014-12-02)
      In 1993, Przyklenk and colleagues made the intriguing experimental observation that 'brief ischemia in one vascular bed also protects remote, virgin myocardium from subsequent sustained coronary artery occlusion' and that ...