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    • Biaxial loading of offshore monopiles: numerical modelling 

      Sheil, Brian B.; McCabe, Bryan A. (American Society of Civil Engineers, 2016-05-18)
      In this study, finite-element (FE) modeling was used to examine the influence of biaxial lateral loading of a monopile foundation. Two different soil models were adopted to investigate the influence of state-dependent and ...
    • Modelling stone column installation in an elasto-viscoplastic soil 

      McCabe, Bryan A.; Sexton, Brian G. (Taylor & Francis, 2014-12-31)
      The majority of numerical studies investigating stone column performance have used “wished-in-place” columns (no installation effects) in conjunction with elastoplastic soil models (no viscous effects). In the first part ...
    • Stone column effectiveness in soils with creep: a numerical study 

      Sexton, Brian G.; McCabe, Bryan A. (Taylor & Francis, 2016-03-16)
      While it is well established that vibro stone columns reduce primary settlement and improve bearing capacity, their effect on creep compression has largely been overlooked to date. However, with increasing pressure to ...