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  • The effect of pain on cognitive function: a review of clinical and preclinical research. 

    Moriarty, Orla; McGuire, Brian E.; Finn, David P. (2011)
    Cognitive impairment is commonly associated with the pain experience. This impairment represents a major obstacle to daily activities and rehabilitation, especially in the chronic pain population. Here we review clinical ...
  • Stress-induced analgesia. 

    Butler, Ryan K.; Finn, David P. (Butler, R. K. & Finn, D.P. (2009). Stress-induced analgesia. Progress in Neurobiology, 88, 184-202., 2009)
    For over 30 years, scientists have been investigating the phenomenon of pain suppression upon exposure to unconditioned or conditioned stressful stimuli, commonly known as stress-induced analgesia. These studies have ...