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    • Characterization of woodstove briquettes from torrefied biomass and coal 

      Trubetskaya, Anna; Leahy, James J.; Yazhenskikh, Elena; Müller, Michael; Layden, Peter; Johnson, Robert; Ståhl, Kenny; Monaghan, Rory F.D. (Elsevier, 2019-01-18)
      Using waste biomass materials offers the potential to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels. Torrefaction is very useful for improving the fuel properties of biomass in order to better match those of coal. ...
    • Potassium and soot interaction in fast biomass pyrolysis at high temperatures 

      Trubetskaya, Anna; Larsen, Flemming Hofmann; Shchukarev, Andrey; Ståhl, Kenny; Umeki, Kentaro (Elsevier, 2018-04-02)
      This study aims to investigate the interaction between potassium and carbonaceous matrix of soot produced from wood and herbaceous biomass pyrolysis at high heating rates at 1250°C in a drop tube reactor. The influence of ...