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    • Advanced hardware real time face detector 

      Bigioi, Petronel; Zaharia, Corneliu; Corcoran, Peter (IEEE, 2012)
      Face detection and tracking can be considered an enabling technology for a range of image enhancements technologies, authentications and advanced UIs in handheld devices. Several modes of implementing a face detection ...
    • Enhanced real-time face models from stereo imaging for gaming applications 

      Ionita, Mircea C.; Andorko, Istvan; Corcoran, Peter (IEEE, 2009-10-23)
      Techniques for improved 2D active appearance face models are presented. When these are applied to stereoscopic image pairs we show that sufficient information on image depth is obtained to generate an approximate 3D face ...
    • Facial enhancement and beautification for HD video cameras 

      Corcoran, Peter (IEEE, 2011)
      Influenced by the widespread adoption of HDTV consumer imaging devices have begun to feature full HD (high density) video capture. With this high-resolution capability, small imperfections in human faces are captured with ...