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    • An abstract framework for modeling argumentation in virtual communities 

      Groza, Tudor; Handschuh, Siegfried; Breslin, John G.; Decker, Stefan (IGI Global, 2009)
      Classic argumentative discussions can be found in a variety of domains from traditional scientific publishing to today’s modern social software. An interactive argumentative discussion usually consists of an initial ...
    • Integrating tagging into the web of data: Overview and combination of existing tag ontologies 

      Kim, Hak-Lae; Scerri, Simon; Passant, Alexandre; Breslin, John G.; Handschuh, Siegfried; Decker, Stefan; Kim, Hong-Gee (Taiwan Academic Network, 2011-07)
      As the number of social websites offering tagging facilities increases, tagging has become not only a common basis for user participation, but also an important aspect of social content. Tagging is primarily based on the ...
    • Minimum information for dielectric measurements of biological tissues (MINDER): A framework for repeatable and reusable data 

      Porter, Emily; La Gioia, Alessandra; Salahuddin, Saqib; Decker, Stefan; Shahzad, Atif; Elahi, M. Adnan; O'Halloran, Martin; Beyan, Oya (Wiley, 2017-11-13)
      The dielectric properties of biological tissues characterise the interaction of human tissues with electromagnetic (EM) fields. Accurate knowledge of the dielectric properties of tissues are vital in EM‐based therapeutic ...
    • Online social and business networking communities 

      O'Murchu, Ina; Breslin, John G.; Decker, Stefan (IUP Publications, 2007)
      [No abstract available]
    • Towards semantically-interlinked online communities 

      Bojars, Uldis; Breslin, John G.; Harth, Andreas; Decker, Stefan (CEPIS Member Society, Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (ATI), 2005-12)
      Online community sites have replaced the traditional means of keeping a community informed via libraries and publishing. At present, online communities are islands that are not interlinked. Ontologies and Semantic Web ...
    • Understanding online communities by using semantic web technologies 

      Passant, Alexandre; Kinsella, Sheila; Bojars, Uldis; Breslin, John G.; Decker, Stefan (IGI Global, 2011)
      During the last few years, the Web that we used to know as a read-only medium shifted to a read-write Web, often known as Web 2.0 or the Social Web, in which people interact, share and build content collaboratively within ...
    • A URI is worth a thousand tags: From tagging to linked data with MOAT 

      Passant, Alexandre; Laublet, Philippe; Breslin, John G.; Decker, Stefan (IGI Global, 2009)
      Although tagging is a widely accepted practice on the Social Web, it raises various issues like tags ambiguity and heterogeneity, as well as the lack of organization between tags. We believe that Semantic Web technologies ...