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  • Application of video-based methods for competitive swimming analysis: a systematic review 

    Quinlan, Leo; Ó Laighin, Gearóid; Mooney, Robert; Corley, Gavin (2015)
    This paper explores the application of video-based methods for the analysis of com- petitive swimming performance. A systematic search of the existing literature was conducted using the following keywords: swim*, performance, ...
  • Prostaglandin Transport in the Bovine Uterus 

    Fitzgerald, Aileen (2011-10-20)
    Abstract In the present study, the effect of bovine oestrous cycle stages and rat oestrous cycle stages were investigated for the expression of PGT protein in uterine tissue, while isolated BUECs were also examined to ...
  • Signaling pathways in mouse embryo stem cell self-renewal 

    Quinlan, Leo (In Tech, 2011)
    At the pre-implantation blastocyst stage of development, the mammalian embryo is composed of a unique collection of cells of which three major populations predominate. The outermost layer the trophectoderm (TE) gives ...