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    • Calculation of leakage inductance for high-frequency transformers 

      Ouyang, Ziwei; Zhang, Jun; Hurley, William Gerard (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2015-10-01)
      Frequency-dependent leakage inductance is often observed. The high-frequency eddy current effects cause a reduction in leakage inductance. The proximity effect between adjacent layers is responsible for the reduction of ...
    • Leakage inductance calculation for planar transformers with a magnetic shunt 

      Zhang, Jun; Ouyang, Ziwei; Duffy, Maeve C.; Andersen, Michael A. E.; Hurley, William Gerard (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014-11-01)
      The magnetic shunt is generally inserted in a planar transformer to increase the leakage inductance, which can be utilized as the series inductor in resonant circuits such as the LLC resonant converter. This paper presents ...
    • Optimisation of a Hybrid Energy Storage System for Autonomous Photovoltaic Applications 

      Glavin, Margaret (2012-09-28)
      As the world's population grows and becomes more dependent on technology the demand for energy increases. Alongside the increasing energy demand there is a reduction in the availability of natural resources. The production ...