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    • Doubly disadvantaged: Gender, spatially concentrated deprivation and nascent entrepreneurial activity 

      Murzacheva, Ekaterina; Sahasranamam, Sreevas; Levie, Jonathan (Wiley, 2019-12-02)
      Drawing on human capital, intersectionality and mixed embeddedness theory, we test hypotheses on the relationship between gender differences in human capital and gender differences in nascent entrepreneurial activity across ...
    • Gender gaps and reentry into entrepreneurial ecosystems after business failure 

      Simmons, Sharon A.; Wiklund, Johan; Levie, Jonathan; Bradley, Steve W.; Sunny, Sanwar A. (Springer Verlag, 2018-02-09)
      Despite the significant role played by serial entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process, we know little about group differences in reentry decisions after business failure. Using an ecosystems framework and stigma theory, ...
    • Market-driven entrepreneurship and institutions 

      Ali, Abdul; Kelley, Donna J.; Levie, Jonathan (Elsevier, 2019-03-21)
      This research seeks to explain how particular conditions in the external environment are associated with market-driven entrepreneurship—more specifically, startup or early-stage business activity that addresses opportunities ...