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dc.contributor.authorCorcoran, Louise
dc.contributor.authorRoche, Michelle
dc.contributor.authorFinn, David P.
dc.identifier.citationCorcoran, Louise, Roche, Michelle, & Finn, David P. (2015). Chapter Six - The Role of the Brain's Endocannabinoid System in Pain and Its Modulation by Stress. In Loren Parsons & Matthew Hill (Eds.), International Review of Neurobiology (Vol. 125, pp. 203-255): Academic Press.en_IE
dc.description.abstractStress has a complex, bidirectional modulatory influence on pain. Stress may either reduce (stress-induced analgesia) or exacerbate (stress-induced hyperalgesia) pain depending on the nature, duration, and intensity of the stressor. The endogenous cannabinoid (endocannabinoid) system is present throughout the neuroanatomical pathways that mediate and modulate responses to painful stimuli. The specific role of the endocannabinoid system in the brain in pain and the modulation of pain by stress is reviewed herein. We first provide a brief overview of the endocannabinoid system, followed by a review of the evidence that the brain's endocannabinoid system modulates pain. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of the role of the endocannabinoid system supraspinally, and particularly in the rostral ventromedial medulla, periaqueductal gray, amygdala, and prefrontal cortex, in pain, stress-induced analgesia, and stress-induced hyperalgesia. Increased understanding of endocannabinoid-mediated regulation of pain and its modulation by stress will inform the development of novel therapeutic approaches for pain and its comorbidity with stress-related disorders.en_IE
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was supported by a grant from Science Foundation Ireland (10/IN.1/B2976) and a PhD fellowships to LC from the National University of Ireland Galway and from the Irish Research Council.en_IE
dc.relation.ispartofInternational Review of Neurobiologyen
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Ireland
dc.subjectCB1 receptoren_IE
dc.subjectAnandamide2-Arachidonyl glycerolen_IE
dc.subjectDescending pain pathwayen_IE
dc.titleThe role of the brain's endocannabinoid system in pain and its modulation by stressen_IE
dc.typeBook chapteren_IE
dc.description.peer-reviewedNot peer reviewed
dc.contributor.funderScience Foundation Irelanden_IE
dc.local.contactDavid Finn, Dept. Of Pharmacology &, Therapeutics, Nui, Galway. 5280 Email:
dcterms.projectinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/SFI/SFI Principal Investigator Programme (PI)/10/IN.1/B2976/IE/The role of the endocannabinoid system in anxiety-induced modulation of pain: sites and mechanisms of action/en_IE

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Ireland
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