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    • Enzymatic basis forn-glycan sialylation 

      Meng, Lu; Forouhar, Farhad; Thieker, David; Gao, Zhongwei; Ramiah, Annapoorani; Moniz, Heather; Xiang, Yong; Seetharaman, Jayaraman; Milaninia, Sahand; Su, Min; Bridger, Robert; Veillon, Lucas; Azadi, Parastoo; Kornhaber, Gregory; Wells, Lance; Montelione, Gaetano T.; Woods, Robert J.; Tong, Liang; Moremen, Kelley W. (American Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (ASBMB), 2013-10-23)
      Background: Specificity and enzymology of glycan sialylation is poorly understood, despite its importance in biological recognition. Results: ST6GAL1 structure was determined, and substrate binding was modeled to probe ...