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Enhanced real-time face models from stereo imaging for gaming applications

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Show simple item record Ionita, Mircea C. en Andorko, Istvan en Corcoran, Peter en 2010-11-19T12:11:47Z en 2010-11-19T12:11:47Z en 2009-10-23 en
dc.identifier.citation Ionita, M. C., Andorko, I., & Corcoran, P. (2009). Enhanced real-time face models from stereo imaging for gaming applications. Paper presented at the Games Innovations Conference, 2009. ICE-GIC 2009. en
dc.identifier.isbn 978-1-4244-4459-5 en
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dc.description.abstract Techniques for improved 2D active appearance face models are presented. When these are applied to stereoscopic image pairs we show that sufficient information on image depth is obtained to generate an approximate 3D face model. Two techniques are investigated, the first based on 2D+3D AAMs and the second using methods based on thin plate splines. The resulting 3D models can offer a practical real-time face model which is suitable for a range of applications in computer gaming. Due to the compact nature of AAMs these are also very suitable for use in embedded devices such as gaming peripherals. en
dc.format application/pdf en
dc.publisher IEEE en
dc.subject Computer games en
dc.subject Embedded systems en
dc.subject Face recognition en
dc.subject Image enhancement en
dc.subject Solid modelling en
dc.subject Splines (mathematics) en
dc.subject Stereo image processing en
dc.subject User interfaces en
dc.subject 2D active appearance face model en
dc.subject AAM en
dc.subject Computer gaming application en
dc.subject Embedded device en
dc.subject Gaming peripheral en
dc.subject Image depth en
dc.subject Real-time 3D face model enhancement en
dc.subject Stereo imaging en
dc.subject Thin plate spline en
dc.subject User interface en
dc.subject Electrical and Electronic Engineering en
dc.title Enhanced real-time face models from stereo imaging for gaming applications en
dc.type Conference Paper en
dc.local.publishedsource en
dc.description.peer-reviewed peer-reviewed en
dc.contributor.funder Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology en
dc.contributor.funder Tessera (Ireland) Ltd. en

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