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    • An inherited duplication at the gene p21 protein-activated kinase 7 (pak7) is a risk factor for psychosis 

      Morris, D. W.; Pearson, R. D.; Cormican, P.; Kenny, E. M.; O'Dushlaine, C. T.; Perreault, L.-P. L.; Giannoulatou, E.; Tropea, D.; Maher, B. S.; Wormley, B.; Kelleher, E.; Fahey, C.; Molinos, I.; Bellini, S.; Pirinen, M.; Strange, A.; Freeman, C.; Thiselton, D. L.; Elves, R. L.; Regan, R.; Ennis, S.; Dinan, T. G.; McDonald, C.; Murphy, K. C.; O'Callaghan, E.; Waddington, J. L.; Walsh, D.; O'Donovan, M.; Grozeva, D.; Craddock, N.; Stone, J.; Scolnick, E.; Purcell, S.; Sklar, P.; Coe, B.; Eichler, E. E.; Ophoff, R.; Buizer, J.; Szatkiewicz, J.; Hultman, C.; Sullivan, P.; Gurling, H.; Mcquillin, A.; St Clair, D.; Rees, E.; Kirov, G.; Walters, J.; Blackwood, D.; Johnstone, M.; Donohoe, G.; O'Neill, F. A.; Kendler, K. S.; Gill, M.; Riley, B. P.; Spencer, C. C. A.; Corvin, A.; ,; , (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2014-01-28)
      Identifying rare, highly penetrant risk mutations may be an important step in dissecting the molecular etiology of schizophrenia. We conducted a gene-based analysis of large (> 100 kb), rare copy-number variants ...