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    • Evaluating transport risk in soil using dye and bromide tracers 

      Brennan, Fiona P.; Kramers, Gaelene; Grant, Jim; O'Flaherty, Vincent; Holden, Nicholas M.; Richards, Karl (Soil Science Society of America, 2012-01-01)
      Dye and bromide tracers are established methods of assessing the presence, function, and extent of hydrological pathways in soil. Prediction of E. coli transport pathways in soil, using brilliant blue (BB) dye and bromide ...
    • Long-term persistence and leaching of escherichia coli in temperate maritime soils 

      Brennan, F. P.; O'Flaherty, V.; Kramers, G.; Grant, J.; Richards, K. G. (American Society for Microbiology, 2009-12-28)
      Enteropathogen contamination of groundwater, including potable water sources, is a global concern. The spreading on land of animal slurries and manures, which can contain a broad range of pathogenic microorganisms, is ...