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    • Genome-wide autozygosity is associated with lower general cognitive ability 

      Howrigan, D P; Simonson, M A; Davies, G; Harris, S E; Tenesa, A; Starr, J M; Liewald, D C; Deary, I J; McRae, A; Wright, M J; Montgomery, G W; Hansell, N; Martin, N G; Payton, A; Horan, M; Ollier, W E; Abdellaoui, A; Boomsma, D I; DeRosse, P; Knowles, E E M; Glahn, D C; Djurovic, S; Melle, I; Andreassen, O A; Christoforou, A; Steen, V M; Hellard, S L; Sundet, K; Reinvang, I; Espeseth, T; Lundervold, A J; Giegling, I; Konte, B; Hartmann, A M; Rujescu, D; Roussos, P; Giakoumaki, S; Burdick, K E; Bitsios, P; Donohoe, G; Corley, R P; Visscher, P M; Pendleton, N; Malhotra, A K; Neale, B M; Lencz, T; Keller, M C (Springer Nature, 2015-09-22)
      Inbreeding depression refers to lower fitness among offspring of genetic relatives. This reduced fitness is caused by the inheritance of two identical chromosomal segments (autozygosity) across the genome, which may expose ...