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    • A semantical framework for hybrid knowledge bases 

      de Bruijn, Jos; Pearce, David; Polleres, Axel; Valverde, Agustín (Springer Nature, 2010-05-09)
      In the ongoing discussion about combining rules and ontologies on the Semantic Web a recurring issue is how to combine first-order classical logic with nonmonotonic rule languages. Whereas several modular approaches to ...
    • Embedding nonground logic programs into autoepistemic logic for knowledge-base combination 

      Bruijn, Jos De; Eiter, Thomas; Polleres, Axel; Tompits, Hans (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2011-05-01)
      In the context of the Semantic Web, several approaches for combining ontologies, given in terms of theories of classical first-order logic and rule bases, have been proposed. They either cast rules into classical logic or ...
    • Scalable authoritative owl reasoning for the web 

      Hogan, Aidan; Harth, Andreas; Polleres, Axel (IGI Global, 2009-01-01)
      In this article the authors discuss the challenges of performing reasoning on large scale RDF datasets from the Web. Using ter-Horst's pD* fragment of OWL as a base, the authors compose a rule-based framework for application ...