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  • Ante-nuptial Agreements and "Proper Provision": An Irish Response to Radmacher v Granatino 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, 2011-04)
    Irish law makes little reference to the principle of self-determination in relation to financial provision on matrimonial breakdown. The Family Law Act 1995 and the Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996 place some emphasis on ...
  • The conveyancing conundrum: Reviewable dispositions and the in camera rule. I 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (Roundhall Sweet & Maxwell, 2003)
  • The Employment Equality Act 1998 (Ireland). 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (Oxford University Press, 2000-09)
    The Employment Equality Act, 1998, came into force in Ireland on 18 October 1999, following a prolonged period of preparation necessary to establish the new equality enforcement mechanisms and bodies prescribed by the ...
  • European Family Law: the Beginning of the End for "Proper" Provision? 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (2012-06)
    European law has become increasingly relevant to Irish family law issues. The measures in question are wide-ranging, covering matters as diverse as the enforcement of maintenance decisions in other Member States, the ...
  • The Family Support Agency Act 2001. 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (Roundhall Sweet & Maxwell, 2001)
    The Family Support Agency Act 2001 was enacted with the purpose of rationalising and enhancing the main family support programmes in Ireland. Prior to the passing of the Act, numerous support services, most of them in ...
  • Irish matrimonial property division in practice: a case study 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (Oxford University Press, 2007)
    This article analyses patterns of property division on marital breakdown in Ireland. At present, little information is available on the operation of marital breakdown legislation (the Family Law Act 1995 and the Family Law ...
  • Matrimonial property and Irish law: a case for community. 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (Incorporated Law Society of Northern Ireland, 2002)
    Family property is a primary area of contention in property law. If spouses only have rights in relation to property to which they can show legal or beneficial title, they may be left unprotected in the event of marital ...
  • Perpetuities reform in Ireland? 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (Jurist Publishing Co., 2002)
    The rule against perpetuities, in particular, often appears so arbitrary, capricious and contradictory that it is not uncommon even for experienced practitioners to be caught by the array of traps and pitfalls that await ...
  • "Proper provision" and "Property Division": Partnership in Irish matrimonial property law in the wake of T v. T. 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (Roundhall Sweet & Maxwell, 2004)
    The issue of how best to regulate matrimonial property is a vexed and recurring one in Irish law. This is not only due to the necessarily conflicting interests that must be resolved: how best to provide for spouses and ...
  • Vicarious liability and employment discrimination 

    Buckley, Lucy Ann (Oxford University Press, 1997)
    The issue of employer liability for discriminatory acts committed by employees is complex and contentious. In tort, the established principle is that 'every act which is done by a servant in the course of his duty is ...