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    • (Still) Up to No Good: Reconfiguring Worker Resistance and Misbehaviour in an Increasingly Unorganized World 

      van den Broek, Diane; Dundon, Tony (2012)
      The way industrial conflict and worker resistance have been analyzed has undergone significant transformation over the past few decades. While researchers have observed the quantitative decline of traditional forms of ...
    • Systems for team empowerment: Research on practice 2018 

      Hughes, Martin; Dennehy, Denis; Campion, Michael (National University of Ireland Galway, 2018-07)
      Welcome to this collection of research papers on Systems for Team Empowerment. Achieving empowerment in teams is complex. Not only do team leaders need to understand the complex and nebulous interplays between systems, ...
    • Systems for team empowerment: Research on practice 2020 

      Hughes, Martin (National University of Ireland Galway, 2020-07)
      Teams are incredible. Teamwork has raised humanity’s achievements to greatness. Not only have most of humanity’s greatest achievement resulted from teamwork but those teams were empowered by systems of work, systems of ...