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  • Rethinking the Role of the IS Function 

    Finnegan, Pat; Golden, William (2008-09-26)
    This paper proposes that IS managers need to review what they regard as their core competencies if they are to be a valuable asset to organisations in the 1990s. The authors start by questioning whether the IS function ...
  • Using Agile Practices to Influence Motivation within IT Project Teams 

    McHugh, Orla; Conboy, Kieran; Lang, Michael (2011)
    This exploratory study of IT project teams in Sweden and Ireland investigates how three agile practices, namely daily stand-ups, iteration planning and iteration retrospectives, contribute to motivation or de-motivation ...
  • Web-based information systems - innovation or re-spun Emperor's clothing 

    Barry, Chris (Springer, 2004)
    The challenge of developing new systems with Web technologies has led many to take for granted that such Web-based Information Systems (IS) are by their nature, and in their essence, fundamentally innovative and different ...