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    • Interactive water services: The WATERNOMICS approach 

      Clifford, Eoghan; Coakley, Daniel; Curry, Edward; Degeler, Viktoriya; Costa, Andrea; Messervey, Thomas Brian; van Andel, S. J.; van de Giesen, Nick; Kouronpetroglou, C.; Mink, Jan; Smit, Sander (Elsevier, 2014-12-17)
      WATERNOMICS focuses on the development of ICT as an enabling technology to manage water as a resource, increase end-user conservation awareness and affect behavioral changes. Unique aspects of WATERNOMICS include personalized ...
    • Waternomics: A cross-site data collection to support the development of a water information platform 

      O’Donovan, Peter; Coakley, Daniel; Mink, Jan; Curry, Edward; Clifford, Eoghan (Elsevier, 2015-09-01)
      In Europe, 20 to 40% of water is being wasted due to poor infrastructure, consumer negligence and lack of proper resource management. Effective and efficient management of water resources requires a holistic approach ...