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    • Calibrated CFD simulation to evaluate thermal comfort in a highly-glazed naturally ventilated room 

      Hajdukiewicz, Magdalena; Geron, Marco; Keane, Marcus M. (Elsevier, 2013-08-30)
      Natural ventilation is a sustainable solution to maintaining healthy and comfortable environmental conditions in buildings. However, the effective design, construction and operation of naturally ventilated buildings require ...
    • Ground heave induced by installing stone columns in clay soils 

      McCabe, Bryan A.; Kamrat-Pietraszewska, Daniela; Egan, Derek (ICE Publishing, 2013-12)
      Measurements of ground heave induced by installing stone columns in soft clay are presented in this paper. These measurements are likely to provide guidance to practitioners concerned about the possible impact of column ...
    • Pyritiferous mudstone-siltstone: expansion rate measurement and prediction 

      McCabe, Bryan A.; McKeon, Éanna P.; Virbukiene, Rasa J.; Mannion, Patrick J.; O'Connell, Aidan M. (Geological Society, 2015)
      The expansion rates of a pyritiferous Irish mudstone-siltstone fill material have been measured over a period of 19 months in an apparatus devised to replicate underfloor conditions. The testing, performed in a ...