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  • GASP - Galway Astronomical Stokes Polarimeter 

    Shearer, Andrew (2009)
    The Galway Astronomical Stokes Polarimeter (GASP) is an ultra-high-speed, full Stokes, astronomical imaging polarimeter based upon a Division of Amplitude Polarimeter. It has been developed to resolve extremely rapid ...
  • High Time Resolution Astrophysics in the Extremely Large Telescope Era : White Paper 

    Shearer, Andrew (2010)
    High Time Resolution Astrophysics (HTRA) concerns itself with observations on short scales normally defined as being lower than the conventional read-out time of a CCD. As such it is concerned with condensed objects such ...
  • VERITAS: Status and Highlights 

    Lang, Mark; Gillanders, Gary (2011)
    The VERITAS telescope array has been operating smoothly since 2007, and has detected gamma-ray emission above 100 GeV from 40 astrophysical sources. These include blazars, pulsar wind nebulae, supernova remnants, gamma-ray ...