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  • Brain CB2 receptors: Implication for Neuropsychiatric disorders 

    Roche, Michelle; Finn, David P. (2010)
    Although previously thought of as the peripheral cannabinoid receptor, it is now accepted that the CB2 receptor is expressed in the central nervous system on microglia, astrocytes and subpopulations of neurons. Expression ...
  • Distribution of tract deficits in schizophrenia 

    Cannon, Dara (BioMed Central, 2014-04-02)
    Background: Gray and white matter brain changes have been found in schizophrenia but the anatomical organizing process underlying these changes remains unknown. We aimed to identify gray and white matter volumetric changes ...
  • Free water elimination and mapping from diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in chronic schizophrenia 

    Colgan, Niall; O'Reilly, David; Holleran, Laurena; Ahmed, Mohamed; McDonald, Colm; Cannon, Dara M. (NUI Galway, 2017-06-11)
    Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) acquisitions allows the comparison of diffusion characteristics in vivo and gives a unique insight into tissue structure and pathology. However, a limitation of DTI post-processing is the ...