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  • 'Ah, Ireland, the caring nation': foreign aid and Irish state identity in the long 1970s 

    O'Sullivan, Kevin (Cambridge University Press, 2013-05)
    On a plane leaving Baidoa refugee camp in Somalia in late 1992, an Arab doctor offered John O'Shea, head of the relief agency Goal, a glimpse of how the Irish were viewed in that civil war-ravaged state. ‘Ah, Ireland’, he ...
  • Humanitarianisms in context 

    O'Sullivan, Kevin; Hilton, Matthew; Fiori, Juliano (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2016-03-16)
    This introduction describes the rapidly expanding history of non-state humanitarianism in terms of three themes. First, it argues that we should think about humanitarianism less in terms of ruptures or breaks, and focus ...