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    • Higher torsion in the Abelianization of the full Bianchi groups 

      Rahm, Alexander D. (Cambridge University Press (Cambridge Journals Online), 2013-09)
      Denote by Q(root-m), with m a square-free positive integer, an imaginary quadratic number field, and by O-m its ring of integers. The Bianchi groups are the groups SL2(O-m). In the literature, so far there have been no ...
    • The mod 2 cohomology rings of SL2 of the imaginary quadratic integers 

      Rahm, Alexander D. (Elsevier ScienceDirect, 2015-09-28)
      We establish general dimension formulae for the second page of the equivariant spectral sequence of the action of the SL2 groups over imaginary quadratic integers on their associated symmetric space. By way of doing this, ...