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    • Adapting informal sources of knowledge to e-Learning 

      Jankowski, Jacek; Czaja, Filip; Dobrzanski, Jaroslaw (2007)
    • E-Learning on the Social Semantic Information Sources 

      Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard; Gzella, Adam; Dobrzanski, Jaroslaw; McDaniel, Bill; Woroniecki, Tomasz (2007)
      E-Learning grows on the fertile soil of the Internet technologies; it fails, however, to reach their full potential. With new, emerging technologies of the second generation Internet there is even more to be captured and ...
    • Examination of the Impact of Emerging Technologies on eLearning 

      McDaniel, Bill; Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard (Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, 2007)
      eLearning has, to date, mostly been a matter of content being displayed on PCs running Windows, Linux, or MAC OS. Emerging technologies have recently, however, expanded the capabilities and scope of portable and mobile ...