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    • Measuring accuracy of triples in knowledge graphs 

      Liu, Shuangyan; d’Aquin, Mathieu; Motta, Enrico (Springer, 2017-06-19)
      An increasing amount of large-scale knowledge graphs have been constructed in recent years. Those graphs are often created from text-based extraction, which could be very noisy. So far, cleaning knowledge graphs are ...
    • A Methodological Approach for Ontologising and Aligning Health Level Seven Applications 

      Sahay, Ratnesh; Fox, Ronan; Polleres, Axel; Hauswrith, Manfred (2011-05)
      Healthcare applications are complex in the way data and schemas are organised in their internal systems. Widely deployed healthcare standards like Health Level Seven (HL7) V2 are designed using exible schemas which allow ...
    • Mining cardinalities from knowledge bases 

      Muñoz, Emir; Nickles, Matthias (Springer Verlag, 2017-08-01)
      Cardinality is an important structural aspect of data that has not received enough attention in the context of RDF knowledge bases (KBs). Information about cardinalities can be useful for data users and knowledge engineers ...
    • Modeling services for the semantic grid 

      Polleres, Axel; Fensel, Dieter (2005)
    • Modelling of Statistical Linked Data 

      Iqbal, Aftab (2011)
      There exists different approaches on publishing statistical data on the Web as linked data. In this paper we will provide a survey of existing approaches for expressing statistical data as linked data. The review of ...
    • Modelling User Behaviour in Online Q&A Communities for Customer Support 

      Aumayr, Erik; Hayes, Conor (Springer, 2014)
      [no abstract available]
    • Multi-priority Multi-path Selection for Video Streaming in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks 

      Zhang, Lin; Hauswirth, Manfred; Shu, Lei; Zhou, ZhangBing; Reynolds, Vinny (Springer, 2008)
      Video sensors are used in wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs) to enhance the capability for event description. Due to the limited transmission capacity of sensor nodes, a single path often cannot meet the ...
    • Multi-threading based implementation of ant-colony optimization algorithm for image edge detection 

      Aslam, Asra; Khan, Ekram; Beg, M.M. Sufyan (IEEE, 2015-10-17)
      Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is a nature inspired algorithm for solving optimization problems and is proved to be a powerfnl tool in image processing. It works on the principle that an ant while moving leaves pheromones ...
    • MultiBeeBrowse Accessible Browsing on Unstructured Metadata 

      Kruk, Sebastian Ryszard; Gzella, Adam; Czaja, Filip; Bultrowicz, Wladyslaw; Kruk, Ewelina (Springer, 2007)
      Growing abundance of information on the Internet, especially the Next Generation Internet, poses even more challenges on more efficient information management; hence it has brought attention of the researchers to the faceted ...
    • A multilingual evaluation dataset for monolingual word sense alignment 

      Ahmadi, Sina; McCrae, John P.; Nimb, Sanni; Khan, Fahad; Monachini, Monica; Pedersen, Bolette S.; Declerck, Thierry; Wissik, Tanja; Bellandi, Andrea; Pisani, Irene; Troelsgård, Thomas; Olsen, Sussi; Krek, Simon; Lipp, Veronika; Váradi, Tamás; Simon, László; Gyorffy, Andras; Tiberius, Carole; Schoonheim, Tanneke; Moshe, Yifat Ben; Rudich, Maya; Ahmad, Raya Abu; Lonke, Dorielle; Kovalenko, Kira; Langemets, Margit; Kallas, Jelena; Oksana, Dereza; Fransen, Theodorus; Cillessen, David; Lindemann, David; Alonso, Mikel; Salgado, Ana; Sancho, Jose Luis; Urena-Ruiz, Rafael-J.; Zamorano, Jordi Porta; Simov, Kiril; Osenova, Petya; Kancheva, Zara; Radev, Ivaylo; Stankovic, Ranka; Perdih, Andrej; Gabrovsek, Dejan (National University of Ireland Galway, 2020-05-16)
      Aligning senses across resources and languages is a challenging task with beneficial applications in the field of natural language processing and electronic lexicography. In this paper, we describe our efforts in manually ...
    • Multimodal emotion recognition for AVEC 2016 challenge 

      Povolny, Filip; Matejka, Pavel; Hradis, Michal; Popkova, Anna; Otrusina, Lubomir; Smrz, Pavel; Wood, Ian; Robin, Cécile; Lamel, Lori (ACM, 2016-10-16)
      This paper describes a systems for emotion recognition and its application on the dataset from the AV+EC 2016 Emotion Recognition Challenge. The realized system was produced and submitted to the AV+EC 2016 evaluation, ...
    • Multimodal multimodel emotion analysis as linked data 

      Sánchez-Rada, J. Fernando; Iglesias, Carlos A.; Sagha, Hesam; Schuller, Björn; Wood, Ian; Buitelaar, Paul (IEEE, 2018-02-01)
      The lack of a standard emotion representation model hinders emotion analysis due to the incompatibility of annotation formats and models from different sources, tools and annotation services. This is also a limiting factor ...
    • Multimodal multimodel emotion analysis as linked data 

      Sánchez-Rada, J. Fernando; Iglesias, Carlos A.; Sagha, Hesam; Schuller, Björn; Ian D. Wood, Ian D.; Buitelaar, Paul (IEEE, 2017-10-23)
      The lack of a standard emotion representation model hinders emotion analysis due to the incompatibility of annotation formats and models from different sources, tools and annotation services. This is also a limiting ...
    • The NEPOMUK Project - On the way to the Social Semantic Desktop 

      Groza, Tudor; Handschuh, Siegfried; Möller, Knud (2007)
      This paper introduces the NEPOMUK project which aims to create a standard and reference implementation for the Social Semantic Desktop. We outline the requirements and functionalities that were identified for a useful ...
    • NetTopo: Beyond Simulator and Visualizer for Wireless Sensor Networks 

      Shu, Lei; Wu, Chun; Hauswirth, Manfred (IEEE and LNCS, 2008)
      Deploying real WSN testbed provides a realistic testing environment, and allows users to get more accurate test results. However, deploying real testbed is highly constrained by the available budget when the test needs ...
    • Newspaper content analysis: print media coverage of Ireland’s Child & Family Agency (Tusla) 2014-2017 

      O’Connor, Patricia; McGregor, Caroline; Devaney, Carmel (UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NUI Galway, 2018-12)
      This report presents the findings of a content analysis carried out on a broad range of national and regional Irish newspapers in order to describe communication about Tusla and its Prevention, Partnership, and Family ...
    • Non-partitioning merge-sort: Performance enhancement by elimination of division in divide-and-conquer algorithm 

      Aslam, Asra; Ansari, Mohd. Samar; Varshney, Shikha (ACM, 2016-03-04)
      The importance of a high performance sorting algorithm with low time complexity cannot be over stated. Several benchmark algorithms viz. Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, and Merge Sort, etc. have tried to achieve ...
    • NUIG at EmoInt-2017: BiLSTM and SVR ensemble to detect emotion intensity 

      Andryushechkin, Vladimir; Wood, Ian D.; O'Neill, James (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2017-09-08)
      This paper describes the entry NUIG in the WASSA 20171 shared task on emotion recognition. The NUIG system used an SVR (SVM regression) and BiLSTM ensemble, utilizing primarily n-grams (for SVR features) and tweet word ...
    • On a Linked Data platform for Irish historical vital records 

      Debruyne, Christophe (Springer, 2015)
      The Irish Record Linkage 1864-1913 is a multi-disciplinary project aiming to create a platform for analyzing events captured in historical birth, marriage and death records by applying semantic technologies for annotating, ...
    • On developing extraction rules for mining informal scientific references from Altmetric data sources 

      Khawaja, Waqas; Taylor, Michael; Davis, Brian (Springer Verlag, 2015-06-04)
      Altmetrics measure scientific impact outside of traditional scientific literature. We identify mentions of scientific research or entities like researchers, academic or research organizations in a corpus containing blogs, ...