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    • Approximate Semantic Matching of Events for the Internet of Things 

      Hasan, Souleiman; Curry, Edward (ACM, 2014-07-01)
      Event processing follows a decoupled model of interaction in space, time, and synchronization. However,another dimension of semantic coupling also exists and poses a challenge to the scalability of event processing systems ...
    • Imprecise Empirical Ontology Refinement: Application to Taxonomy Acquisition 

      Nováček, Vít (INSTICC, 2007)
      The significance of uncertainty representation has become obvious in the Semantic Web community recently. This paper presents new results of our research on uncertainty incorporation into ontologies created automatically ...
    • Thematic Event Processing 

      Hasan, Souleiman; Curry, Edward (ACM, 2014-12-08)
      Event-based systems follow a decoupled mode of interaction between event producers and consumers in space, time, and synchronization to enable scalability within distributed systems. We recognize a fourth dimension of ...