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    • Knowledge base completion using distinct subgraph paths 

      Mohamed, Sameh K.; Nováček, Vít; Vandenbussche, Pierre-Yves (ACM, 2018-04-09)
      Graph feature models facilitate efficient and interpretable predictions of missing links in knowledge bases with network structure (i.e. knowledge graphs). However, existing graph feature models-e.g. Subgraph Feature ...
    • Lessons learnt from the Named Entity rEcognition and Linking (NEEL) challenge series 

      Rizzo, Giuseppe; Pereira, Bianca; Varga, Andrea; van Erp, Marieke; Cano Basave, Amparo Elizabeth (2017-03-13)
      The large number of tweets generated daily is providing policy makers with means to obtain insights into recent events around the globe in near real-time. The main barrier for extracting such insights is the impossibility ...